Why Apo Hiking Society

Apo Hiking Society is a popular Filipino band formed in 1969. The group was composed of Jim Paredes, Danny Javier, and Buboy Garovillo. They became known for their original compositions and witty lyrics that reflect Filipino culture and values.

Their musical influence has spanned generations, with songs like “Awitin Mo at Isasayaw Ko” becoming classics in the Philippine music industry. Apo Hiking Society also gained popularity for its unique style, which blends traditional folk music with modern rock elements. Through their music, they have been able to tell stories about everyday life in the Philippines and inspire Filipinos to be proud of their culture and heritage.

This is why the Apo Hiking Society remains an important part of Philippine history today: because it celebrates our people’s spirit through its soulful melodies and meaningful messages that are still relevant after all these years.

The Apo Hiking Society is one of the most beloved groups in Philippine music. Their unique sound and lyrical style have captivated Filipino audiences for decades, with their songs often taking on a spiritual or social message that speaks to all walks of life. Despite being together since the 1970s, they remain as relevant today as ever before, delivering timeless classics such as “Awit ng Barkada” and “Batang-bata Ka Pa” which have become anthems for generations of Filipinos throughout history.

With their infectious energy and uplifting spirit, it’s no wonder why Apo Hiking Society continues to be a crowd favorite until this day!

Why Apo Hiking Society

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What Happens With the Apo Hiking Society?

The APO Hiking Society is one of the most renowned Filipino bands that ever existed. Formed in 1973 out of a college friendship between Jim Paredes, Danny Javier, and Buboy Garovillo, they quickly became popular with their soulful mix of folk, rock, and pop music. They released several albums throughout the 70s and 80s before disbanding in 1989.

However, despite going their separate ways professionally, the three members remain close friends to this day. While there have been some reunions over the years—most notably at a benefit concert for victims of Typhoon Haiyan—a full-fledged comeback has yet to materialize. Nevertheless, the legacy of The APO Hiking Society lives on through their timeless hits like “Awit ng Barkada” and “Batang-Bata Ka Pa” which still enjoy widespread popularity among Filipino music fans today.

Why Did Danny Javier Leave Apo Hiking Society?

Danny Javier, one of the original members of the APO Hiking Society, left the group in 2004. After being part of the band for almost three decades, Danny decided to pursue other interests and spend more time with his family. He had become increasingly frustrated at how slow progress was made within the organization and wanted to focus on new creative goals.

Additionally, he felt that there were too many restrictions placed on him as an artist which limited his freedom to express himself musically. The rest of the APO Hiking Society respected Danny’s decision but were sad to see him go. Despite leaving the group they still remain close friends and often collaborate together on various projects outside their respective bands.

Who Passed Away in Apo Hiking Society?

The APO Hiking Society was an iconic Filipino musical group formed in 1973. Sadly, the group disbanded in 2007 and its members went their separate ways. During their time as a band, they released numerous hit singles such as “Ewan”, “Kamusta Ka” and “Batang-Bata Ka Pa”.

The group had three core members: Jim Paredes, Boboy Garovillo, and Danny Javier. Regrettably, on March 24th, 2019, one of the original members of the acclaimed trio passed away – Danny Javier. His death came after suffering stroke complications at age 65; leaving his friends and fans mourning his passing with heavy hearts all over social media platforms.

Although he is gone now we will always remember him for his contribution to music that made us happy during our childhoods through classic hits like “Lumang Tugtugin” or the theme song from Palibhasa Lalake which he wrote himself – ‘Magkasuyo Buong Gabi’. We can only take comfort in knowing that Danny’s legacy will live on forever through these timeless classic songs that have brought joy to generations of Filipinos everywhere!

Boboy Garovillo explains why Apo Hiking Society decided to retire | Tunay na Buhay

Apo Hiking Society Members Died

The Filipino folk music group Apo Hiking Society was formed in 1973 and consisted of three members: Jim Paredes, Danny Javier, and Boboy Garovillo. Sadly, two of the original members have passed away; Boboy Garovillo died in 2018 after a long battle with cancer, and Danny Javier passed away from cardiac arrest in 2020. The remaining member Jim Paredes continues to share their legacy through his solo career.

Apo Hiking Society – When I Met You

The Apo Hiking Society’s song “When I Met You” is a classic love ballad about the joy of finding someone special. Released in 1977, it became one of the most popular songs from their album “Apo Hiking Society”. The song was written and composed by Jim Paredes and Danny Javier and has since become an iconic Filipino love song.

It tells the heartwarming story of two people who come together to find true love, even though they are from different backgrounds. With its beautiful lyrics and touching melody, this timeless classic continues to touch the hearts of many Filipinos today.

Why Did Apo Hiking Society Disband

The Apo Hiking Society, one of the most popular Filipino music groups in history, disbanded in 2007 due to creative differences among its members. The group had been together since 1971 and released more than a dozen albums that sold millions of copies worldwide. While they never officially stated why they chose to end their careers as a group, it is believed that lead singer Jim Paredes wanted to pursue other projects and was unable to get his fellow band members on board with his ideas.

This ultimately led them to decide it would be best for all involved if they went their separate ways.

Apo Hiking Society Panalangin

The Apo Hiking Society’s “Panalangin” is a popular Filipino folk song that was released in 1974 and has since become an iconic classic. The lyrics are a prayer for the land, its people, and its environment, asking for guidance from the divine spirit to protect them from harm. It is still regularly performed today at cultural events and ceremonies across the Philippines, making it one of the most beloved songs of all time.


The Apo Hiking Society is a band that has been around for over four decades, and they have made an incredible impact on Filipino culture. They have managed to remain relevant through the years with their consistently catchy melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and endearing performances. Their music transcends time and speaks to people of all ages and backgrounds.

The Apo Hiking Society’s legacy will continue to live on in the hearts of Filipinos everywhere for many generations to come.

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