Which Trail is Best for Hiking in Islamabad

The Margalla Hills National Park, located in Islamabad, is the best trail for hiking. The park offers a wide variety of trails ranging from easy to difficult levels. Each trail has its own unique character with stunning views and beautiful scenery.

Visitors can also enjoy bird watching, wildlife spotting and camping opportunities along the way. Some popular trails include Pir Sohawa Trail, Harnoi Trail, and Sentinal Peak Trail which are suitable for both beginner and experienced hikers alike. All of these trails offer spectacular views of the city skyline as well as the surrounding landscape making them perfect spots for photographers too!

If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure in Islamabad, there’s no better choice than a hike on one of the city’s many trails. With its lush landscapes and breathtaking views, Islamabad is home to some of Pakistan’s most beautiful hiking trails. From easy day hikes to challenging multi-day treks, there are plenty of options available depending on your level of experience and fitness.

The Margalla Hills National Park offers some stunning routes with incredible panoramic views that will take your breath away. For those looking for a more technical challenge, Pir Sohawa Trail promises endless thrills with its rocky terrain and steep inclines. Whichever trail you choose, make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks as well as proper footwear!

Which Trail is Best for Hiking in Islamabad

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Which Trail is Most Beautiful in Islamabad?

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan is known for its breathtaking views and lush green landscapes. One of the most beautiful trails in Islamabad is the Margalla Hills trail. This picturesque route takes you from bottom to top, passing through some of nature’s best-kept secrets such as majestic pine trees, blooming flowers in spring and summer months, and panoramic views over the city.

The trekking experience is made even more enjoyable by a variety of birds singing around you throughout your journey. You can also witness migratory birds during the winter season which makes it an ideal spot for bird-watching lovers. Moreover, if you are an avid photographer then this place will be a paradise for you as it offers plenty of opportunities to capture stunning shots with spectacular backgrounds like Pir Sohawa viewpoint or Daman-e-Koh Park overlooking the entire city skyline.

All these reasons make Margalla Hills one of the most beautiful trails in Islamabad that must not be missed out by any visitor!

How Long is Trail 3 Islamabad?

Trail 3 Islamabad is a popular trekking route located within the Margalla Hills National Park. It’s an 8-kilometer-long trail that starts at Daman-e-Koh and ends at Pir Sohawa, one of the highest points in Islamabad. The whole hike takes around 4 to 5 hours to complete, depending on your pace.

Along the way, you’ll pass through lush forests and stunning views of the city below. You can also spot wildlife such as birds, monkeys, and deer along this trail. Along with its natural beauty, Trail 3 Islamabad also has some historical sites including Faisal Mosque and Dhamial Fort worth visiting during your journey!

So if you’re looking for an exhilarating adventure that provides breathtaking views of nature combined with fascinating history then Trail 3 Islamabad is definitely the right choice for you!

How Long is Trail 5 Islamabad?

Trail 5 Islamabad is a nature trail located in Margalla Hills. It stretches for about 10 kilometers and is one of the longest trails in Islamabad. The trail starts from Tilla Charouni village and ends at Pir Sohawa on Murree Road.

Along the way, hikers can enjoy stunning views of the city as well as nearby villages, lush green forests, and grassy meadows. The entire route takes around 3 to 4 hours to complete depending on your speed and stamina. Trail 5 also offers several camping spots where you can spend the night under starry skies away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

This breathtakingly beautiful trail not only provides an opportunity to explore nature but also teaches us lessons on how we should preserve it for future generations to come!

How Long is Trail 7 Islamabad?

Trail 7 Islamabad is a popular hiking trail located in the Margalla Hills of Pakistan. The total length of Trail 7 is about 9 km, making it one of the longest trails in the area. It starts from Daman-e-Koh and ends at Pir Sohawa.

Along its course, hikers will get to experience some stunning views of Islamabad as well as some interesting wildlife along the way. Hikers should take their time and plan ahead when taking this trail – due to its long distance and steep terrain, it can be quite challenging for inexperienced hikers or those who are unprepared for such a journey. Additionally, there are several rest spots available along Trail 7 where you can catch your breath before continuing on your journey.

All in all, Trail 7 provides an unforgettable experience that any hiker would cherish forever!

Hiking on Trail 3 toward Monal Restaurant

Trail 5 Margalla Hills

Trail 5 of Margalla Hills is one of the most popular trails for hikers and trail runners in Islamabad. The trail starts from Nilore Village and goes up to Pir Sohawa, with a total distance of 6 kilometers. It offers spectacular views over the picturesque city, lush green hillsides, and nearby villages.

Trail 5 is considered to be an intermediate difficulty level track due to its sharp ascents, rocky terrain, and narrow pathways. However, it’s still doable by less experienced hikers who can take their time on the steeper sections. All in all, Trail 5 of Margalla Hills is a great way to explore nature while getting some exercise at the same time!

Islamabad Trails Map

The Islamabad Trails Map is an invaluable asset for outdoor enthusiasts in Pakistan’s capital city. It provides detailed information on over 300 kilometers of hiking, biking, and multi-use trails throughout the region, including elevation profiles and directions to popular attractions like Margalla Hills National Park. With its easy-to-read maps and descriptions of each trail, it is a great way to explore beautiful Islamabad while discovering new places along the way.

Shortest Trail in Islamabad

The Margalla Hills National Park in Islamabad is home to the shortest hiking trail in the city. The trail, commonly known as ‘Noon Top’, is a 1km loop that starts and ends at Pir Sohawa Village, located on top of the Margalla Hills. This easy-to-moderate hike offers stunning views of Islamabad’s skyline and surrounding landscape.

It takes around two hours to complete the entire route, making it perfect for those looking for a quick escape from their hectic routine.

Trail 5 Direction

Trail 5 Direction is a hiking and biking trail located in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains of California. The trail stretches for 5 miles, traversing through redwoods along part of the Skyline to Sea Trail. It begins at Castle Rock State Park and ends at Big Basin Redwoods State Park, offering hikers breathtaking views as they make their way through this stunning landscape.


This blog post discussed the various trails that are best for hiking in Islamabad. The Margalla Hills Trail is a popular destination, boasting scenic views and plenty of wildlife. The Shakarparian Trail offers stunning views of the city from its peak, as well as challenging terrain for experienced hikers.

Finally, the Daman-e-Koh trail provides an easy-going route with some amazing sights along the way. Regardless of which one you choose, all three offer a unique experience for both beginner and advanced hikers alike; so if you’re looking to explore Pakistan’s capital city through hiking, these are all great options!

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