Where is Fishing Creek Maryland

Fishing Creek is a small hamlet located in Dorchester County, Maryland. It lies along the Chesapeake Bay just south of Elliott Island and north of Hudson’s Crossroad. The area is known for its abundance of fish, crabs, and other sea life that inhabit the waters around it.

Fishing Creek also serves as an entrance into Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge and has numerous public boat ramps available for access to the bay. The hamlet itself consists mainly of private homes and businesses, with only a few small stores scattered throughout the area.

Fishing Creek, Maryland is located in Calvert County, on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay. With its sandy beaches and scenic views of the bay, Fishing Creek has become a popular spot for both fishing enthusiasts and outdoor lovers alike. Whether you’re looking to catch some striped bass or just soak up some sun on the beach, Fishing Creek has something for everyone!

Where is Fishing Creek Maryland

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Where is Fishing Creek, Maryland Located

Fishing Creek, Maryland is located in Talbot County. It is situated on the Eastern Shore of Chesapeake Bay and lies near Oxford, St. Michaels, and Easton.

The town provides easy access to:

* Miles of waterfront property along Fishing Creek

* The Tred Avon River

* Miles of trails for biking and hiking enthusiasts

It’s a popular destination for outdoor recreation including fishing, kayaking, boating, and bird watching.

Fishing Creek, Maryland is Located in Dorchester County on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay

Fishing Creek, Maryland is situated in Dorchester County on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. It offers many outdoor activities and attractions such as:

Boating – Fishing Creek has a boat launch ramp for easy access to the bay.

Bird Watching – Spot species like bald eagles and ospreys during a stroll around the creek.

Hunting – With acres of open fields, it’s perfect for deer hunting season! Fishing Creek boasts plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature and make lasting memories with family or friends.


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What Kind of Fishing Can Be Done at Fishing Creek

Fishing Creek offers a variety of fishing activities:

Fly Fishing – Ideal for targeting trout, bass, and panfish.

Spinning – Best suited for trolling or jigging for walleye and catfish.

Bait Casting – Great for bottom-dwelling species like carp and channel catfish. No matter your preferred method of fishing, Fishing Creek has it all!

Popular Species for Anglers to Catch around Fishing Creek Include Largemouth Bass, Catfish, And Sunfish

Fishing Creek is a popular destination for anglers looking to make the most of their time on the water. The creek is known for its plentiful fish population, which includes several species sought after by experienced fishers. Popular species found in Fishing Creek include:

* Largemouth bass

* Catfish

* Sunfish These species offer plenty of opportunities for those seeking to land their dream catch!

There are Also Opportunities for Crabbing And Oystering in the Area

The area around provides ideal conditions for crabbing and oystering. These activities are popular among locals and visitors alike, offering fun-filled recreation while providing a sustainable source of food. Here are some benefits of crabbing and oystering:

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Family-friendly – Crabbing and oystering can be enjoyed by people of all ages, creating memories that last a lifetime!

Delicious food – The bounty from the sea is fresh and delicious!

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Are There Boat Launches Available near Fishing Creek

Yes, there are several boat launches available near Fishing Creek.

* Stambaugh Boat Launch

* Trumansburg Boat Launch

* Watkins Glen State Park Boat Launch

These launches provide easy access to the creek and its many fishing spots. Boaters can enjoy a day of relaxation while they explore the creek’s waters.

Yes, There are Several Boat Launch Sites Nearby Including Hoopers Island Boat Ramp And Sandy Hill Boat Ramp Which Both Provide Access to the Chesapeake Bay from Fishing Creek’S Shoreline Areas

The following boat launch sites are conveniently located near Fishing Creek’s shoreline:

* Hoopers Island Boat Ramp – situated on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, the ramp provides access to nearby creeks and rivers.

* Sandy Hill Boat Ramp – this site is located in Dorchester County, providing easy access to the Chesapeake Bay.

Both locations offer ample parking for vehicles with boats, ramps for launching vessels into the water, and docks/piers for fishing or docking boats. With these two sites so close by, you’ll be able to enjoy all that Fishing Creek has to offer!

1516 Tom Point Road, Fishing Creek, MD 21634


In conclusion, Fishing Creek Maryland is a small community located in the southeastern part of Dorchester County. It is bordered by the Nanticoke River and Choptank River, giving it access to some excellent fishing opportunities. The area also offers plenty of other outdoor activities such as hiking and bird watching.

With its quaint charm and natural beauty, Fishing Creek Maryland is an ideal getaway for those looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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