Where is a Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone

A Fishing Bridge is located in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. It spans the Yellowstone River and connects the Grand Loop Road to the highway leading to the park’s northern entrance. The bridge was constructed by the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1937 and is one of only two places within Yellowstone where fishing is allowed.

It offers excellent opportunities for anglers looking to catch trout from its banks or from boats on the river below. During peak seasons, it can get quite crowded with people fishing, so visitors are encouraged to be respectful of other anglers’ space and privacy while enjoying this beautiful spot in nature.

If you’re looking for a great spot to fish in Yellowstone National Park, then the Fishing Bridge is the perfect place for you! Located on the Yellowstone River, this bridge provides easy access to some of the best fishing spots throughout the park. With ample room for anglers and plenty of trout species available to catch, it’s no wonder why Fishing Bridge has become such a popular spot among visitors.

Whether you’re looking to cast your line from shore or take a boat out onto deeper waters, there’s something here that everyone can enjoy.

Where is a Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone

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What is the Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone Park?

The Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone Park is a historic landmark located on the Yellowstone River. Built-in 1937 by the National Park Service, it was originally intended to provide access for anglers trying to fish the river while preserving its natural beauty and wildlife. The bridge spans nearly 900 feet across the river with two arched stone piers topped with sandstone balustrades and a steel truss superstructure.

It has become an iconic symbol of Yellowstone’s grandeur and serves as an important link between fishermen, wildlife observers, photographers, and other visitors who come to enjoy all that this national park has to offer.

Is Fishing Bridge Yellowstone Worth It?

The fishing Bridge in Yellowstone National Park is definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for an amazing outdoor experience. Located on the edge of Yellowstone Lake, Fishing Bridge offers visitors some of the best wildlife viewing and fishing opportunities in the park. The bridge provides anglers with access to several species of fish, including cutthroat trout, brown trout, lake char, and mountain whitefish.

Additionally, the area around Fishing Bridge teems with incredible wildlife such as bison, deer, eagles, and bears that can often be spotted from the bridge itself or nearby trails. All-in-all Fishing Bridge is an excellent spot for those seeking an unforgettable outdoor adventure in one of America’s most stunning natural settings.

How Do I Book a Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone?

If you’re looking to book a fishing bridge in Yellowstone, the best way to do so is through the National Park Service. You can either make reservations online or by phone. When making your reservation, be sure to specify that you want a fishing bridge and provide information such as the dates of your trip, how many people are going, what type of equipment will be used (fly-fishing gear or spinning tackle), and any special requests for the area.

Once your reservation is confirmed you’ll receive an email with all relevant details about your trip including directions on where to go once you arrive at the park. Be sure to read up on local regulations regarding catch limits and other things before heading out!

Can You Fish at Fishing Bridge Yellowstone?

Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone National Park is a popular spot for anglers, as it’s one of the few areas where fishing is allowed within the park. However, due to its popularity and numerous restrictions placed on recreational fishing within the park, there are some limits to what can be caught at Fishing Bridge. Anglers must use artificial lures only and all native fish must be released immediately if they are caught.

Additionally, Fishing Bridge has specific regulations concerning catch-and-release methods that must be followed when fishing in this area.

Fishing Bridge RV Park in Yellowstone ~ Full Hook Ups ~ Big Rig Friendly

Fishing Bridge Rv Park

Fishing Bridge RV Park is located in Yellowstone National Park and is one of the most popular places to camp. It offers a variety of accommodations for both tent camping and RVs, as well as convenient amenities like water hookups, electric sites, and flush toilets. You’ll also find plenty of nearby attractions including Fishing Bridge Lake, where you can cast your line or take out a boat.

With easy access to Yellowstone’s incredible sights and sounds, Fishing Bridge RV Park is the perfect spot for an outdoor getaway!

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most iconic national parks in the United States. It’s located mostly in Wyoming, and it has stunning geothermal features like hot springs, mud pots, and geysers such as Old Faithful. The park also offers plenty of opportunities for wildlife viewing with large herds of bison and elk roaming freely throughout the area.

Yellowstone is a great place to explore nature on foot or by car – there are over 900 miles of hiking trails, plus roads that wind through alpine meadows and valleys filled with waterfalls.

Lake Village Yellowstone

Lake Village is an area located in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. It was first established in 1872 and is now home to the largest town inside the park boundaries. Here visitors can find lodging, restaurants, shops, a post office, and other amenities near Lake Yellowstone.

The village also has several trails for hiking and biking that lead to famous sites such as Inspiration Point, Midway Geyser Basin, and Mud Volcano. Visitors are encouraged to take part in educational activities like ranger-led tours or attend lectures about the geology of the region at the nearby Grant Visitor Center.

Fishing Bridge Yellowstone Reservations

Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone National Park is a popular location for visitors looking to experience the park’s vast range of outdoor activities. Located on the banks of the Yellowstone River, Fishing Bridge offers stunning views and plenty of fishing opportunities. It is also one of only two locations in the entire park where overnight camping reservations are available, so it’s a great spot to set up camp during your visit.

Be sure to plan ahead if you want to stay in this unique area, as reservations typically fill up quickly!


In conclusion, a Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone can be found near the North Entrance of the park. This bridge is a great spot to fish for trout and other species of fish that inhabit this area. The Fishing Bridge provides visitors with an opportunity to experience nature up close and enjoy some quality time spent outdoors.

With its scenic views and peaceful atmosphere, it’s no wonder why so many people come to visit this fishing destination every year.

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