When is the Big Rock Fishing Tournament?

The Big Rock Fishing Tournament is held annually in Morehead City, North Carolina. It takes place from June 11th to 17th each year. The tournament was founded by the Big Rock Blue Marlin Club in 1957 and has grown into one of the largest fishing tournaments on the East Coast.

Participants come from all over the United States and beyond to compete for cash prizes and bragging rights. Anglers have a chance to win awards for catching a variety of species including blue marlin, sailfish, tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi, shark, and more. The tournament consists of eight days of fishing with an optional ninth day that can be used as a tiebreaker if necessary.

There are daily weigh-ins during which anglers show off their catches at Morehead City’s waterfront park located near downtown Morehead City. This popular event draws thousands every year who come out to watch or participate in this thrilling competition!

The Big Rock Fishing Tournament, now in its 82nd year, is the largest and most prestigious fishing tournament in the world. Held every summer off the coast of Morehead City, North Carolina, it attracts thousands of anglers from around the globe to compete for over $1 million dollars in prizes. The tournament typically takes place at the end of June or the beginning of July each year and runs for nine days.

With so much money on offer, this event is sure to be an exciting one!

When is the Big Rock Fishing Tournament?

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What is the Biggest Fish Ever Caught in the Big Rock Tournament?

The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament is one of the biggest fishing tournaments in the world, and it has seen some impressive catches. The biggest fish ever caught in this tournament was a 1,228-pound blue marlin caught by Billy Grant aboard his boat “Unbelievable” on June 20th, 2018. This behemoth of a catch earned Billy and his crew $2.25 million dollars for their winnings!

It’s no wonder that this massive fish set the record as the largest blue marlin caught to date at the Big Rock tournament.

Where is the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament At?

The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament takes place annually in Morehead City, North Carolina. It is hosted by the Big Rock Sports Fishing Club and takes place during the summer months of June and July. This tournament attracts anglers from all over the world who come to compete for some of the most sought-after prizes in sport fishing.

The tournament has grown significantly since it was first established 40 years ago, with more than 1,000 boats participating each year. The event also features a variety of activities such as entertainment, nightly weigh-ins at the marina dockside restaurant, seminars, and educational programs on fishing topics related to billfish conservation efforts as well as awards ceremonies for winners of different divisions.

Is Big Rock Tournament on Tv?

The Big Rock tournament is not broadcast on television. However, the tournament does offer a live stream of the competition on its website for viewers to watch from home. Additionally, The Sportsman Channel offers an exclusive one-hour highlight show of each day’s catch and weigh-in during their weekly fishing program called “Hooked Up.”

This program features highlights from various tournaments including the Big Rock tournament so fans can stay up to date with their favorite anglers’ progress throughout the competition.

How Much is Entry to Big Rock Marlin Tournament?

The entry fee for the Big Rock Marlin Tournament is $3,000 per boat. This fee includes the Captain and two anglers plus a marina slip in Morehead City during tournament week. Additional anglers may be added to the team at a cost of $300 each.

There are also extra fees associated with Calcutta betting pools, Jackpot fishing categories, and late entries which can range from $100 up to $1,000 depending on what’s being entered into or won.

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Big Rock Tournament 2022 Entry Fee

The Big Rock Tournament 2022 entry fee is $1,000 per boat for a four-person team. This includes a tournament T-shirt and hat for each angler, as well as an official Big Rock fishing bag. Additionally, there is an optional $50 jackpot entry that can be purchased at registration to increase the prize money in the categories of heaviest dolphin, wahoo, tuna, and billfish.

Entrants must also pay charter fees if they do not have their own boat or captain.

Big Rock Fishing Tournament 2023

The Big Rock Fishing Tournament 2023 is an exciting and competitive event that brings together both professional and recreational anglers from around the world. The tournament will take place off the North Carolina coast in Morehead City, NC, and offers a grand prize of $500,000! Participants will compete for cash prizes ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 depending on their placement in each division.

The tournament also includes educational seminars, fishing clinics, live music events, and more – making it an unforgettable experience for everyone involved!

Big Rock Fishing Tournament 2022

The Big Rock Fishing Tournament, held annually in Morehead City, North Carolina since 1957, is returning for its 66th year in 2022. This tournament draws anglers from all over the world to compete for more than $2 million in prizes and awards. The tournament consists of nine days of fishing with a total purse of $1 million and individual daily payouts ranging from $25,000 to almost $100,000.

The competition also offers exciting weigh-ins that are open to the public each day at 5 p.m., making it one of the most popular events on the East Coast!

Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament 2023

The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament is an annual event held in Morehead City, North Carolina that brings together some of the world’s best big game anglers. The 2023 edition of this prestigious tournament will take place over five days from June 23-27 and promises to be a thrilling showcase of skill and determination as competitors battle for over $2 million in prize money. With a variety of qualifying rounds and tight regulations ensuring fair play, the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament offers something for everyone – from experienced pros to enthusiastic amateurs.


The Big Rock Fishing Tournament is an annual event that takes place in South Carolina. This tournament brings together anglers from all over the country to compete for prizes and bragging rights. Participants should plan ahead and register early to ensure they have a spot for this popular fishing contest.

With its wide variety of fish species, beautiful beaches, and exciting atmosphere, the Big Rock Fishing Tournament is sure to be an unforgettable experience!

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