What to Wear Hiking Zion Narrows

Hiking Zion Narrows requires specific types of clothing for a safe and enjoyable experience. Wear lightweight, quick-drying synthetic or wool fabrics that will keep you comfortable in wet conditions. Non-cotton long sleeve shirts, pants, and shorts are best to provide sun protection during the day.

A wide-brim hat is also recommended to protect from UV rays. For footwear, wear waterproof hiking boots with good traction or close-toed river sandals that have straps around the ankle so they don’t come off in the water. Be sure to bring an extra pair of dry socks as well as a wetsuit or neoprene booties if you plan on walking through deeper sections of water.

Don’t forget rain gear such as a waterproof shell jacket with hood and pants for protection against wind and cold temperatures when necessary. Lastly, be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen!

Hiking Zion Narrows can be a fun and exciting adventure, but you have to make sure you are wearing the right clothes. The weather in this area can vary significantly so it is important to wear layers that will keep you warm and dry. A breathable base layer like a tank top or long-sleeved shirt with quick-drying pants made of synthetic materials like polyester or nylon is an ideal choice for hiking Zion Narrows.

Additionally, wear shoes that provide a good grip on slippery rocks as well as waterproof boots if there is any chance of rain. Finally, never forget your sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat to protect from the sun!

What to Wear Hiking Zion Narrows

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What Clothes to Wear on The Narrows Hike?

If you plan to hike The Narrows in Zion National Park, you want to make sure that your clothing choice is comfortable and appropriate for the terrain. Start by wearing a light base layer such as a t-shirt made of wicking material. This will keep you cool and dry during your hike, especially if it’s hot outside.

On top of this, wear quick-drying pants or shorts that won’t become heavy when wet from river crossings or waterfalls along the way. Long sleeve shirts can be helpful against sun exposure on exposed areas of skin like arms and shoulders; choose one with UPF protection if possible. You may also want to opt for convertible hiking pants so you can zip off their legs on hot days or when crossing rivers deep enough for swimming!

Finally, don’t forget footwear: sturdy shoes are best for The Narrows hike as well as socks designed specifically for hiking—they help reduce friction between your feet and shoe liners while keeping out debris!

What Shoes to Wear When Hiking The Narrows?

When considering what shoes to wear when hiking The Narrows, it is important to think about the type of terrain you will be dealing with and the conditions you may encounter. Hiking in The Narrows requires a strong pair of waterproof, breathable shoes that will provide good traction on potentially slippery surfaces. A well-constructed mid or low-cut boot with a Vibram sole is ideal for this rugged environment.

It’s also important to make sure your shoes fit properly and are securely laced up; having snugly fitted footwear can help prevent blisters as well as reduce instability while walking on uneven ground. Additionally, avoid wearing open sandals or flip flops; not only do these types of shoes offer minimal protection from sharp rocks and other obstacles along the trail, but they have very little grip which can increase your risk of slipping over if the surface gets wet or muddy. Ultimately, choosing an appropriate pair of shoes for hiking in The Narrows can mean the difference between a successful journey and an uncomfortable one – so make sure you invest in quality gear before setting out!

Should I Wear a Bathing Suit to Hike The Narrows?

If you’re planning on visiting The Narrows in Utah, then you may be wondering if it’s appropriate to wear a bathing suit while hiking. While there is no hard and fast rule against wearing a swimsuit when exploring this majestic canyon, it really depends on the type of experience you want to have. If your plan is simply to get wet as quickly as possible and enjoy the waters of The Narrows, then wearing a bathing suit will certainly make that easier for you.

However, if your goal is to explore more deeply and take some time to appreciate the beauty of nature around you, then wearing something other than a swimsuit – like quick-dry pants or shorts – might be more suitable. Whichever option you decide upon, just remember that swimming in any form requires extra caution when navigating narrow canyons so make sure to stay aware of all safety measures before entering into any water situation!

What Should I Pack for The Narrows Zion?

If you are planning a trip to The Narrows in Zion National Park, it is important to know what to pack so that you can have an enjoyable and safe experience. A few essential items for your hike include sturdy shoes with good traction and ankle support, water-resistant clothing (such as quick-drying pants and/or zip-off shorts), lightweight wicking layers like merino wool shirts or synthetic fleece jackets, a hat with brim protection from the sun, sunglasses, sunscreen, food, and snacks (energy bars or trail mix work well), at least two liters of water per person plus electrolyte tablets if desired, trekking poles for stability on slippery rocks and wet surfaces (highly recommended!), dry bags for keeping electronics such as phones/cameras safe from moisture exposure. Additionally don’t forget any personal medications that you may need during the day’s hike.

With these items packed before heading out into The Narrows in Zion National Park, you will be sure to have an enjoyable time!

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What to Wear When Hiking the Narrows in October

When hiking the Narrows in October, you should wear warm layers that are waterproof and breathable. Start with a synthetic base layer such as merino wool or polyester to keep your body temperature regulated, then add on a wind-proof mid-layer like fleece for additional insulation. Finally, top it off with an outer shell made from Goretex or other waterproof material to protect it from rain and snow.

Sturdy shoes are also recommended, preferable ones with good grip for slippery surfaces and ankle support for rocky terrain.

What to Wear When Hiking the Narrows in November

When planning your next trip to the Narrows during November, make sure to bring clothing that will keep you warm and dry. Layering is key, so start with a thin base layer of synthetic or wool material to wick away moisture, then add on insulation layers like fleece or down jackets. Wear waterproof pants and a water-resistant jacket as well as a hat and gloves to protect from wind chill.

Lastly, be sure to don some sturdy hiking boots for maximum traction on wet rocks!

What to Wear Hiking in Zion in March

When hiking in Zion National Park during the month of March, it is important to dress appropriately. Layering lightweight clothing such as a long-sleeve shirt, fleece jacket, and waterproof outer shell will keep you warm and dry when the temperature drops or rain showers occur. A breathable hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are also essential for protection from UV rays, while sturdy shoes with traction will provide a good grip on slippery rocks.

Don’t forget to bring plenty of water and snacks!

Dry Pants for Zion Narrows

For those looking to explore Zion Narrows, a great option is dry pants. Dry Pants are designed specifically for hiking in the Narrows and provide superior protection from water and mud while allowing your legs to breathe. They are made of lightweight materials that won’t weigh you down on long hikes but will keep you warm and dry even when submerged up to your waist in cold water.

Additionally, they have adjustable cuffs so you can adjust them as needed for different depths of water or terrain changes throughout the hike. It’s definitely worth investing in a pair if you plan on exploring this majestic canyon!


In conclusion, hiking Zion Narrows is a great way to experience the beauty of nature. It’s important to wear the right clothes and gear in order to stay safe and comfortable during your hike. Make sure you have waterproof shoes, plenty of layers for warmth, sun protection like sunglasses or hats, and enough snacks and water for the duration of your hike.

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to have an amazing adventure exploring one of Utah’s most iconic natural wonders!

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