What is Nanofil Fishing Line

Nanofil fishing line is a revolutionary new type of fishing line that is made of extremely thin material. It is composed of high-tech and ultra-strong fibers which are smaller in diameter than most other monofilament lines, allowing it to cast farther with less effort and provide greater sensitivity for detecting strikes from fish. The special coating also reduces water absorption, resulting in an incredibly low memory that makes it easy to cast and handle on the reel.

Additionally, Nanofil has a very small profile so it does not spook wary fish or create drag when casting into the wind. This allows anglers to present their lures more effectively and increase their chances of catching more fish.

Nanofil fishing line is revolutionizing the angling world with its unique combination of strength and suppleness. This innovative line offers unparalleled sensitivity, allowing anglers to feel even subtle bites from fish that may otherwise be overlooked. Furthermore, its incredibly thin diameter allows for effortless casting and effortless spooling on your reel!

Nanofil fishing line has become a favorite amongst professional fishermen due to its exceptional performance in any condition.

What is Nanofil Fishing Line

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What is Nanofil Fishing Line Used For?

NanoFil fishing line is a high-performance braided fishing line made of ultra-thin, nanofilament fibers. It is designed for anglers who demand the highest level of sensitivity and strength from their fishing equipment. NanoFil provides superior knot strength and abrasion resistance compared to monofilament lines, making it ideal for use in saltwater or freshwater environments.

Its smooth surface also reduces friction when casting long distances and increases sensitivity so that you can feel even the slightest bite from your prey. With its thin diameter and low memory properties, NanoFil offers exceptional performance without compromising on castability or durability.

Who Makes Nanofil Fishing Line?

NanoFil fishing line is a product of Sunline, an international leader in quality fishing lines and other related products. Sunline has been producing NanoFil since 2012, focusing on creating one of the thinnest and most sensitive monofilaments available on the market. This versatile line offers a wide range of capabilities for anglers, from finesse to power-fishing applications.

The unique construction provides superior knot strength and low memory making it ideal for use with spinning reels as well as baitcasting reels. NanoFil also resists abrasion better than many other brands while still providing excellent casting distance and accuracy when you need it most.

Does Nanofil Stretch?

Yes, NanoFil does stretch. This is because the material used to make it is a type of spandex known as Lycra or elastane, which has an exceptional level of elasticity that allows it to be stretched up to eight times its original length. It also features excellent recovery properties, meaning that after stretching it will quickly return back its original shape and size with minimal effort.

Additionally, NanoFil’s construction makes for an incredibly lightweight fabric that gives great flexibility and comfort when worn against the skin. As such, this material is perfect for use in athletic wear and swimwear where maximum mobility and freedom are desired.

How Do You Tie Nanofil to Fluorocarbon?

NanoFil is a specialized line of fishing braid that incorporates a proprietary coating technology to make the line smoother and slicker than traditional braided lines. This unique technology allows NanoFil to be tied with fluorocarbon leader material, which traditionally has been difficult due to its lack of suppleness. The slickness of the NanoFil helps it tie smoothly onto the fluorocarbon without damaging or weakening either material.

Additionally, anglers can use smaller diameter knots when tying NanoFil and fluorocarbon together because less torque is needed for secure connections. With this combination, anglers have an extra degree of strength and sensitivity when fishing in deeper waters where abrasion resistance is more important than ever before!

Best or Worst Fishing Line Ever? Berkley NanoFil Fishing Line Review

Nanofil Fishing Line Review

Nanofil fishing line is quickly becoming one of the most popular lines among anglers due to its incredibly thin diameter and strong strength-to-diameter ratio. It’s known for its remarkable sensitivity, low memory, and ability to cast with ease, making it an ideal choice for a variety of freshwater or saltwater applications. With its excellent abrasion resistance and knot strength, the Nanofil line has been praised by anglers as a reliable option that stands up to even the toughest conditions.

Nanofil Fishing Line Diameter

Nanofil fishing line is known for its ultra-thin diameter, making it an ideal choice for anglers who need to cast light baits and lures. Its small diameter allows the line to cut through the water without added drag, giving you more control over your presentation. Nanofil lines typically range between 0.010 inches and 0.030 inches in diameter, with many varieties even thinner than that!

Berkley Nanofil Discontinued

Berkley’s Nanofil fishing line has been discontinued due to manufacturing issues that prevented the company from providing a quality product. The line, which was released in 2007, had gained popularity among anglers for its thin diameter and superior knot strength. Despite its popularity, Berkley decided to discontinue the product due to ongoing problems with the production process.

Anglers who loved this unique fishing line will have to find other alternatives when searching for a new superliner.

Berkley Nanofil 1500 Yards

The Berkley Nanofil 1500 Yards are one of the strongest and most abrasion-resistant fishing lines available. It features an advanced copolymer blend construction, which makes it incredibly thin and sensitive for excellent castability and control. With its strategic combination of strength, sensitivity, and low diameter, this line allows you to catch even the furthest fish with ease!

Plus, it comes in a variety of colors so you can customize your setup to match any situation.


Nanofil fishing line has revolutionized the world of angling. It provides incredible strength and sensitivity that is necessary to catch fish in any condition while maintaining a relatively small diameter for easy casting and handling. While there are some drawbacks, such as price and lack of color options, this type of fishing line has truly transformed the way we go about catching fish.

The lightweight design allows it to be used by both novice and experienced anglers alike with ease, making Nanofil an ideal choice for anyone looking to improve their success rate on the water.

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