What Fishing Season is It in Ny

The fishing season for New York State runs from April 1st to March 31st of the following year. For example, the 2021 fishing season will run from April 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022. The New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) sets specific dates by region for certain species and types of water.

Generally speaking, however, most open water seasons in New York begin on April 1st and end on December 15th with a few exceptions such as northern pike which closes at the end of November. Ice Fishing season typically begins in late November depending on ice conditions and lake levels and ends mid-March when the ice becomes unsafe.

It’s currently the spring fishing season in New York. Anglers can take advantage of different species such as walleye, trout, bass, and many more all across various bodies of water. There are freshwater options like Lake Erie or Salmon River for those looking to stay close to home as well as saltwater opportunities off Long Island or upstate along the Hudson River.

Whether you’re an experienced angler or just getting started with your first rod, this is a great time to get out and explore some of New York’s best fisheries!

What Fishing Season is It in Ny

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What is the Fishing Season in Nys?

The fishing season in New York State starts on the fourth Saturday of April and ends on December 31st. This season applies to most freshwater species, including trout, salmon, and bass. Some specific waters may have different open/close dates; it is important to check local regulations before heading out.

Highlights of the NYS Fishing Season:

• Opening Day: Fourth Saturday in April

• Closing Day: December 31st

• Most Freshwater Species included

Overall, the fishing season in New York State provides anglers with plenty of time to get out on the water and enjoy their favorite pastime!

What Saltwater Fish Are in Season in Ny?

Saltwater fish that are in season in NY include:

* Striped bass

* Bluefish

* Summer Flounder

* Mackerel.

These fish can be caught year-round, with the exception of a recreational fishing moratorium for striped bass from April 1st through May 31st each year.

Can You Fish Year-Round in New York State?

Yes, you can fish year-round in New York State. The following list outlines the types of fish that may be legally caught and when:

• Trout – Year round

• Walleye – May 1 to November 30th

• Northern Pike & Pickerel – June 15th to March 15th

• Catfish – June 15th to February 28/29th (depending on leap year)

New York State has a variety of aquatic habitats where fishing is possible throughout the entire year.

Is Bass Season Open in Ny?

No, the bass season is not currently open in New York. Below are the dates for when it will be open:

– June 15 to November 30 (northern)

– June 22 to December 6 (southern)

It’s important to note that these dates can vary depending on the body of water you’re fishing in. Check with a local fish and game department before heading out!

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Saltwater Fishing Season Ny

The saltwater fishing season in New York typically runs from April 1st through December 15th with some exceptions for certain species. Fishing is allowed in the ocean, bays, and estuaries, as well as tidal waters such as Long Island Sound, Hudson River, and Peconic Bay. Anglers can take advantage of abundant catches of striped bass, fluke, weakfish, tautog, and others popular fish in this area.

A valid saltwater license is required for anyone aged 16 or older to go saltwater fishing in New York state.

Ny Fishing Season 2023

The 2023 fishing season in New York is set to begin on April 1st and run through December 15th. The Department of Environmental Conservation has detailed the regulations for this season, which include a daily bag limit of 6 fish per angler, with many size restrictions in place as well. Anglers should also be aware that certain areas may have additional prohibitions or limitations, so it’s important to research local conditions before heading out on the water.

With all these rules in mind, anglers can look forward to another great year of fishing in New York!

Bass Fishing Season Ny

The bass fishing season in New York runs from April 1st through November 30th, with the peak season falling between June and September. The most popular techniques for catching bass are casting crankbaits, spinnerbaits, or plastic worms around shoreline vegetation and structure. Anglers should be aware of local regulations when planning a trip to fish for bass in New York.

Pike Season Ny

Pike season in New York runs from the first Saturday in May to March 15th of the following year. During this time, anglers are allowed to catch and keep a daily limit of two northern pikes over 20 inches long. There is also a closed season for pike fishing during the months of April and November when no harvest is allowed.

Anglers looking to fish for these popular gamefish should be sure to familiarize themselves with local regulations before heading out onto the water!


In conclusion, it is important to be aware of the different fishing seasons in New York and plan accordingly. Regulations are put in place by DEC to protect fisheries and this information can help anglers make sure they stay compliant when planning their next fishing trip. Hopefully, with this guide, you will now have a better understanding of what season it is for your favorite fish species.

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