What Fishing Rods Work in Lava Hypixel Skyblock

Fishing rods cannot be used in lava on Hypixel Skyblock. This is because the game does not consider it an appropriate environment to use a fishing rod in, as it would require unrealistic physics and mechanics to make this possible. The only way to get items from the skyblock’s lava lake is by using a water bucket to collect them once they have been dropped into the lake by mobs or other players.

Fishing in lava on Hypixel Skyblock is a great way to get some rare and valuable rewards, but it can be difficult without the right equipment. Fortunately, there are several rods that work well for fishing in lava – such as the Obsidian Fishing Rod, Lava Fishing Rod, and Netherite Fishing Rod. Each of these rods has its own advantages when used in lava; for instance, the Obsidian rod offers increased durability while the Lava rod increases your chance of catching a rare item.

With any luck, you’ll find yourself reeling in some incredible rewards!

What Fishing Rods Work in Lava Hypixel Skyblock

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How Do You Get the Fishing Rod to Work in Lava Hypixel Skyblock?

Using a fishing rod in the Lava Hypixel Skyblock can be tricky but it is possible. To do this, you will need to craft an enchanted Fishing Rod of Chaos and equip it. This rod has a special ability that allows you to catch fish from lava, as well as other sources like water and ice.

Additionally, make sure your character is wearing the Fire Resistance enchant so that they don’t take damage when fishing in lava. Once equipped with the right gear, cast your line into any source of lava and wait for a bite! With some patience and luck, you’ll soon have plenty of fish swimming around in your inventory from those hot depths.

What Fishing Rods Work in Lava?

Fishing rods are not designed to work in lava and it is not recommended that anyone attempt to fish with a rod in the extreme temperatures of molten rock. Fishing with conventional fishing gear is impossible, as the heat would melt any material used for a line or a hook. However, there have been attempts at creating specialized equipment capable of fishing in lava pools.

This includes roasting sticks made from metal alloys that can withstand intense heat and an insulated fiberglass rod connected to a lave-proof cable and reel system. Such equipment has yet to be tested successfully for deep sea exploration but could possibly be viable for shallow depths close to shorelines where the temperature does not exceed 700°C (1,292°F).

How Do You Fish in Lava Skyblock?

Fishing in Lava Skyblock is an interesting and challenging activity. To get started, you’ll need to craft a fishing rod using four strings, two sticks, and one clay ball. Then you can start fishing!

You will need to find a lava pool or ocean with enough water for the fish to survive. Once located, stand on the edge of the pool and cast your line out into it. If there are any underwater creatures swimming around, they should be easy to spot as they jump up for air above the surface of the lava.

When you see something swimming near your lure, click left-click on your mouse to try and catch it! Good luck!

Can You Fish in Lava With Golden Fishing Rod?

No, it is not possible to fish in lava with a golden fishing rod. Fishing rods are made of materials that would melt and burn when exposed to the extreme heat of the lava. Additionally, there is no known aquatic life living within molten rock so even if one were able to use a fishing rod, one wouldn’t be able to catch anything.

Best Lava fishing armor/rods in hypixel skyblock

What Fishing Rods Work in Lava Terraria

Fishing rods cannot be used in lava terraria since the intense heat of the environment would cause them to melt and become unusable. This means that players must use alternative methods to catch fish, such as using a pickaxe or fishing net. A great way to catch fish while still avoiding the hazards of lava is by digging a small pool in hardened sand and then placing bait into it.

Doing this will allow players to safely catch fish without having to worry about their equipment being damaged by the extreme temperatures.

Fishing Rod Progression Hypixel Skyblock

Fishing Rod Progression in Hypixel Skyblock is an important part of the game, as it allows players to catch more valuable fish and get better rewards. Players can upgrade their fishing rods from Wooden to Enchanted, Iron, and finally Diamond Fishing Rods. Each higher grade of rod increases the chance of catching rarer items while also granting a higher base XP reward per catch.

The final level, Diamond Fishing Rods, gives the highest possible chances for catching Epic or Legendary loot!

How to Get a Lava Rod in Hypixel Skyblock

If you’re looking to get a Lava Rod in Hypixel Skyblock, the best way is to craft it. To do this, you’ll need Blaze Powder and a Stick. You can get Blaze Powder by killing Magma Cubes or collecting them from the Blazing Fortress on The Hub Island.

Once you have both ingredients, head over to your Crafting Table and combine them together for your very own Lava Rod!

Best Fishing Rods Hypixel Skyblock

If you’re looking for the best rods to use in Hypixel Skyblock, then look no further than Enchanted Fishing Rods. These rods provide a significant boost to your fishing speed and catch rate, making them perfect for those who want to maximize their time spent on fishing expeditions. Additionally, they come with additional enchantments that can help increase the amount of fish caught per hour; this makes them great for players who are looking to make serious progress in the game.


In conclusion, it is possible to fish in lava with Hypixel Skyblock, but it can be difficult and dangerous. The best rod for this task is the Sulfur Fishing Rod since its durability makes it more resistant to the heat of the lava. Additionally, players should make sure they have a good supply of bait before fishing in lava as well as extra rods just in case theirs breaks.

With these precautions taken, players will be able to enjoy a successful fishing experience despite the extreme conditions!

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