Is Fishing Free on Sundays in Pa

Yes, fishing is free on Sundays in Pennsylvania. According to Section 2309.2 of the Fish and Boat Code, Sunday fishing is allowed without a license or permit from 12:01 am to 11:59 pm each year. The exceptions are for certain stocked trout waters that require a special permit and Lake Erie and its tributaries which require a valid fishing license.

Otherwise, no person shall be required to obtain any form of permission or pay any fee for the privilege of taking fish on Sunday in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

In Pennsylvania, fishing is free on Sundays! This means that anyone can go out and enjoy a day of fishing without having to purchase a license. The only exception is commercial fishing, which still requires the proper licensing.

So if you’re looking for a great way to relax and get outdoors in Pennsylvania, head out for some free Sunday fishing!

Is Fishing Free on Sundays in Pa


What Days Are Free Fishing in Pa?

In Pennsylvania, anglers can enjoy free fishing days on the following dates:

* June 6th

* July 4th

* August 29th

* November 11th.

No license is required to fish on these days; however, all other regulations still apply.

Is Every Sunday a Free Fishing Day in Pa?

No, not every Sunday is a free fishing day in Pennsylvania. The following days are free for all anglers:

* Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend (May)

* July 4th

* One Saturday in September designated by the Fish and Boat Commission * November 11th (Veteran’s Day)

These days allow anyone to fish without a license or trout/salmon permit.

Can You Fish in Pa Without a License?

Yes, you can fish in Pennsylvania without a license. However, there are restrictions on size and season for some species of fish. Here is an overview:

• You do not need a fishing license to catch carp, catfish (channel or flathead), bullhead, gar, or bowfin from PA waters.

• Non-residents age 16 and older must have a valid fishing license to take any other species of fish from PA waters unless they meet one of the exceptions listed below.

• Residents age 65 and older may obtain a free fishing license online via the website (or by mail).

• Active duty military personnel who are stationed outside of PA may qualify for reduced-rate resident licenses as long as their home state does not offer reciprocal licensing privileges with PA. In summary, it is possible to fish in Pennsylvania without a license if you meet certain criteria; otherwise, you will need to purchase one before casting your line into the water.

Is Today Free Fishing in Pa?

No, today is not free fishing in Pennsylvania. Below are the upcoming dates for free fishing:

• June 5-6, 2021

• July 4, 2021,

• November 27-28, 2021 These days allow PA residents and non-residents to fish without a license or Trout/Salmon permit.

It’s a great opportunity for anyone interested in trying out this sport!

‘Fish for Free Day’ in Pennsylvania: No fishing license required

Free Fishing Days in Pa 2023

In Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) has announced that there will be four free fishing days throughout 2023. These days are June 3rd, July 4th, August 28th, and November 27th. These days, anyone can fish without a license or permit in all of the state’s public waters which include rivers, streams, and lakes.

This is an excellent opportunity for families to get out into nature and enjoy some quality time together!

Can You Fish on Sundays in Pa

In Pennsylvania, fishing is allowed on Sundays with a valid license. All anglers must comply with the regulations outlined in the Commonwealth’s Fish and Boat Code, which prohibits certain activities such as setting trotlines or limblines, using live baitfish, or gaffing fish from public waters. Anglers are also expected to observe all applicable laws and regulations of local governing bodies when fishing on Sunday.

Pa Fish-For-Free Days

Pa Fish-For-Free Days are held throughout the state of Pennsylvania on consecutive Saturdays and Sundays. They provide anglers with an opportunity to fish without acquiring a fishing license or paying any fees, following all other regulations that apply to normal fishing days. The program is designed as an effort to help promote fishing in the commonwealth and make it more accessible for everyone.

Pa Fishing License Cost

The cost of a Pennsylvania Fishing License varies depending on which type of license you purchase. For example, an annual adult fishing license will cost $22.90, while the senior resident’s lifetime fishing license costs $51.90. There are also several other options available for different types of anglers such as one-day or multi-year licenses and discounts for members of the military or disabled veterans.


In conclusion, fishing is free on Sundays in Pennsylvania for residents and non-residents alike. As long as anglers have a valid fishing license and follow all regulations set by the state Fish and Boat Commission, they are able to enjoy the sport of fishing without any extra fee or cost on Sundays. This provides anglers with more opportunities to explore the waters of Pennsylvania while also ensuring that aquatic resources remain healthy.

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