How to Use Ursack

Ursack is a lightweight, bear-proof sack designed to store food in the wilderness. To use Ursack, begin by storing your food items in the bag and tucking them away safely. Next, tie off the end of the sack with rope or cordage provided with it.

Be sure to pull tight and double knot for optimal security. Then hang the Ursack from a tree branch at least 10 feet high above ground level and 4 feet away from any supporting objects such as trees or logs that could be used by animals to climb up to access your food. Finally, spray down the outside of the Ursack with an animal deterrents scent such as mint oil or ammonia to further deter wildlife from accessing it.

With these steps followed properly, you can now rest assured that no animals will get into your Ursack!

  • Unroll your Ursack and find the center of gravity: Before using your Ursack, it is important to unroll it and identify its center of gravity
  • This will help you determine where to hang the Ursack in order to ensure that it hangs evenly when loaded with food or other items
  • Attach a carabiner: Once you have identified the center of gravity, attach a carabiner or rope loop at this point so that you can hang your Ursack from a tree branch or other secure location
  • Make sure that the carabiner is securely attached before continuing on to
  • Fill up your Ursack: After attaching the carabiner, fill up your Ursack with food, cookware, clothing, and any other items needed for camping trips or backpacking excursions
  • Be sure to stuff all loose ends inside of the bag so as not to leave them exposed while hanging from a tree branch overnight
  • Securely close and tie off access points: When finished filling up your Ursack, be sure to tie off all access points such as drawstrings and straps so that nothing falls out accidentally during transport or storage overnight in Bear country! If necessary, use an additional rope loop around these access points for extra security against outside elements like bears looking for an easy meal
How to Use Ursack


Are You Supposed to Hang an Ursack?

Hanging an Ursack is a popular way of protecting food from bears and other wildlife while camping or backpacking. It is designed to be hung in trees, typically 5-10 feet off the ground and at least 100 feet away from your sleeping area. The idea behind hanging an Ursack is that it will be too difficult for animals to get into, but if they do manage to reach it, the contents inside won’t spill out.

When preparing to hang an Ursack, make sure you use appropriate cordages such as paracord or climbing rope so that it can hold its weight without sagging too much. Additionally, make sure you hang the bag at least 10 feet up in a tree with two points of support; this helps prevent animals from being able to climb up the line and reach your food supply! Finally, when packing your Ursack remember not to overstuff it as doing so increases the chance of tearing open in case of animal interaction – keep only what you need for each meal/snacking session stored within during your camp trip!

How Do You Attach a Tree to a Ursack?

Attaching a tree to an Ursack is actually quite easy. First, you’ll need to find a good spot on the tree where it’s relatively flat and where the Ursack won’t slip down. Once you’ve found that spot, use some rope or straps to securely tie the Ursack around the tree so that it doesn’t move.

Make sure to double-knot your ties for extra security if necessary. If needed, place rocks or other objects in between the Ursack and the tree trunk so that there is something solid preventing any movement of either item when tied together. You can then add additional items like sleeping bags or food within your bag for additional protection from animals who may try to get inside your gear while camping out overnight.

With these simple steps, you can easily attach a rack securely onto a tree for an unforgettable camping experience!

Where Can You Use Ursack?

Ursack is a lightweight and durable food storage bag that can be used to store and protect your food while you’re out on the trail. Ursacks are made of an incredibly strong fabric that is designed to keep rodents, bears, and other animals from getting into your food. They come in different sizes for various needs such as bear-proofing or keeping smaller items like snacks safe.

Ursacks also feature a drawstring closure which allows you to easily open and close the bag quickly so you can get what you need without having to fumble around with zippers or latches. Not only do they provide protection against predators but they are also waterproof making them perfect for outdoor use in any weather condition. Whether it’s a day hike, an overnight camping trip, or even multi-day backpacking trips Ursack is sure to help keep your food secure whether big game hunting or just enjoying nature!

Do Ursack Bags Work?

Ursack bags are an increasingly popular way to keep your food safe from animals while camping and backpacking. But do they really work? The answer is a resounding yes!

Ursack bags are made of lightweight, yet incredibly strong, bulletproof fabric that makes it virtually impossible for any animal to get into the bag. It’s also been tested in hundreds of field tests and has proven itself time and time again as a reliable way to protect your food from bears, raccoons, mice, squirrels, and other critters. The Ursack bag is designed with special closures on both ends that make it even more difficult for animals to open the bag up -and prevent them from getting away with your snacks!

Additionally, its ultralight construction makes it easy to carry around without weighing you down during long hikes or treks. With so many great features built-in, there’s no doubt that Ursack bags are an effective solution for keeping your food safe while outdoors!

Ursack Hanging 101

Ursack Reviews

Ursack is a lightweight, bear-resistant food storage bag that has been used by hikers and campers for decades. It’s made of a tear-proof and puncture-resistant fabric called Spectra, which makes it extremely difficult for bears to break into. The Ursack has been reviewed positively by customers, who praise its durability and effectiveness in protecting their food from wildlife.

Additionally, the bag is easy to pack away when not in use and can be hung from trees or rocks using the supplied cordage. With Ursack on your side, you can feel confident that no matter where you are camping or hiking, your food will remain safe from animals!

Ursack Allmitey

The Ursack Allmitey is a bear-resistant food bag that is designed to keep your food safe from bears and other critters. It is made with lightweight, puncture-resistant Spectra fabric that has been tested to withstand over 1,800 pounds of force. The closure system utilizes an adjustable drawstring cord lock which allows for easy access while also keeping the contents secure.

These features make it ideal for camping trips as well as backpacking expeditions in areas where you may encounter wildlife.

Do You Have to Hang an Ursack

Hanging an Ursack is not always necessary, but it can be beneficial. When hanging an Ursack, you should make sure to hang it at least 4 feet off the ground and between two trees that are at least 8 feet apart. This will help prevent animals from accessing your food and other items inside of the bag.

Additionally, if you’re in a bear-prone area, then hanging your Ursack is essential for keeping bears away from your food supply.

Ursack Minor

The Ursack Minor is the perfect solution for campers who need a lightweight and reliable way to store their food safely. This bear-resistant food sack is made from military-grade Spectra fabric that is both puncture and chew resistant, making it ideal for keeping your food away from animals while camping in the wilderness. The Ursack also features an integrated cord-locking system that makes it easy to securely close without having to tie knots or use anything else.

Finally, this lightweight bag can be easily hung up on trees or other structures so you can keep your food off of the ground where bears could more easily get into it.


In conclusion, Ursack is an innovative way to keep your food safe from wildlife while camping. It uses a combination of Kevlar and aluminum to make it bear-resistant and lightweight, making it perfect for both short and long trips. With Ursack, you can have peace of mind knowing that your food will remain secure from any animal or intruder during any outdoor adventure.

So if you’re looking for a convenient and effective way to store your food while camping, look no further than Ursack!

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