How to Use the Fishing Rod in the Ark

To use the Fishing Rod in the Ark, you will first need to craft it. To do this, open your inventory and look for the Engram tab. Select “Fishing Rod” from the list of engrams available and select ‘Craft’.

You must have at least 50 thatch and 5 wood to craft a fishing rod. After crafting one, equip it by dragging it into your hotbar or press “4” on the keyboard to access it quickly. Once you are ready, head out into shallow water where fish spawn naturally or stand in a body of water with bait (usually found near swamps).

Right-click while looking towards the water surface while having a fishing rod equipped – this will cast your line out into deeper waters! If something bites after a few seconds, right-click again to reel in what is hopefully some delicious raw fish!

  • Gather the materials you need: You will need a fishing rod, bait, and some tackle
  • Find a suitable spot to fish: Look for bodies of water with plenty of fish swimming around in them
  • Make sure there are no other players or creatures nearby that might disrupt your fishing session
  • Prepare your bait: Take out the bait from your inventory and equip it on your character’s hotbar so you can use it easily when you cast the line into the water
  • Equip your Fishing Rod: Navigate to “Equipment” in the game menu, select the “Fishing Rod” option, and click ‘equip
  • This is what allows you to actually cast out into the body of water with a line attached to it containing an item of bait (such as worms)
  • Cast Out Your Line: Aim towards a deep part of the body of water where there appear to be lots of activity from fish swimming about – this increases your chances for success! Right-click on the mouse/controller button once aiming at desired location – this casts out a line connected with an item of bait which attracts any nearby fishes who happen to swim by it during its duration (up until someone else catches one first!)
How to Use the Fishing Rod in the Ark



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What Kind of Bait Should I Use With My Fishing Rod in the Ark

When choosing the right bait to use for fishing in the Ark, it is important to consider what type of fish you are hoping to catch. For example, if you’re looking for a specific species such as trout or bass, then artificial lures such as spinners and crankbaits are great choices. However, if you want to attract a variety of different species with your rod then live bait will be more suitable.

Worms and crayfish can be great natural options that should work well when targeting many types of fish in Ark. Additionally, certain scents and flavors added onto the bait can also add an extra boost towards attracting more bites from your target species.

How Do I Set Up My Fishing Rod Correctly in the Ark

Setting up your fishing rod correctly in the Ark is simple but important. Start by attaching the reel to the rod and make sure it’s firmly locked into place. Next, attach a line to the reel and spool it onto the rod making sure there are no knots or tangles in it.

You’ll then need to tie on a hook that can be baited with whatever type of bait you’re using – worms, lures, etc. Finally, attach some weights if needed so that your line goes to the desired depth when cast out. It’s also important to check for any possible obstructions such as weeds or rocks before casting out as these could cause you problems when reeling in your catch!

Is There a Specific Area Where I Can Catch Fish With My Fishing Rod Inside the Ark

Yes, there is a specific area where you can catch fish with your fishing rod inside the Ark. The best place to find fish is in lakes and rivers. You can use your fishing rod to cast out into these bodies of water and wait for a bite.

Additionally, some areas have dedicated Fishing Spots which are marked on the world map that offer more concentrated catches than other locations do. When you arrive at a Fishing Spot, throw out your line and begin waiting for bites from any of the available species.

Are There Any Special Techniques Or Strategies for Catching Fish Using a Fishing Rod within the Ark

When fishing in the Ark with a rod, it is important to decide what type of bait you will use. Smaller baits such as worms, minnows, or maggots work best for smaller fish while larger baits like shrimp and crayfish appeal to bigger fish. It is also important to pay attention to your line tension when casting; setting the drag too tight can cause your line to snap when a fish strikes and setting it too loose may not provide enough resistance so that you’re able to land the catch.

Additionally, learning how to effectively jig can be beneficial when fishing in the Ark as this technique allows for more control over where your bait goes within various depths of water. Lastly, if possible try adding some weight onto your rig as this will help ensure that it reaches its desired depth quickly which increases your chances of catching something!

Can I Use Multiple Rods at Once When Fishing within the Ark

Yes, you can use multiple rods at once when fishing within Ark. This is a great way to increase your chances of catching fish as you will be able to set several lines in different areas and depths of water. It also allows you to target different species by setting up lures or baits that appeal specifically to them.

When using multiple rods, make sure that they are all properly secured so that they do not get tangled together in the water, and make sure to check on them periodically throughout your fishing session for any signs of bites or activity.

Ark: How fishing works. What it’s all about!

How to Use Fishing Rod in Ark Xbox One

Using a fishing rod in Ark for Xbox One is a great way to get resources quickly. To use the fishing rod, first, equip it from your inventory and then find an appropriate body of water. Once you’re near a body of water, cast the line out by pressing RB or R1 depending on your controller setting.

You can wait until something bites the line (indicated by an exclamation point) and then press LB or L1 to reel in the catch! Be sure to watch out for predators while fishing as they may try to steal your catches!

How to Use Fishing Rod in Ark Ps4

Using a fishing rod in Ark: Survival Evolved on PS4 is easy and enjoyable. To begin, you will need to craft the necessary equipment, such as a Fishing Rod and Bait. Once you have these items, cast your line out into the water by pressing R2 or RT depending on which console you are playing on.

Be sure to keep an eye out for any notifications that appear near your screen as this indicates when a fish has taken the bait. Finally, pull back with R2 or RT to reel in the fish and enjoy!

How to Use Fishing Rod in Ark Mobile

The Fishing Rod in Ark Mobile is a useful tool for harvesting resources from the water. To use it, simply equip the Fishing Rod and approach any body of water. You can then cast into the water by pressing and holding your finger on the screen until your line has been cast out far enough to catch something.

Once you have caught an item, reel it back in by swiping it up on the screen with your finger. Make sure to keep an eye out for when fish start biting so that you can quickly reel them in before they get away!

How to Fish in Ark

Fishing in Ark can be a great way to get some extra resources for crafting and cooking. To begin, you’ll need a Fishing Rod, which can be crafted using Fiber and Wood. Once you have the rod, head to any body of water with fish swimming around and equip your fishing rod from your inventory.

Cast out the line by pressing [E], wait until you feel a tug on the line indicating that a fish has taken the bait then reel it back in with [R]. Cook up your fresh catch over an open fire or store it for safekeeping!


Using the fishing rod in Ark can be a great way to acquire resources, increase your character’s stats, and even make some money. With the right bait and patience, you can become an expert fisherman in no time. Don’t forget to pay attention to your surroundings while fishing so that you don’t miss out on any exciting opportunities.

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