How to Use Fishing Rod Stranded Deep

To use a fishing rod in Stranded Deep, you need to first find or craft one of the two types: bamboo fishing rods and metal ones. Once you have your rod, equip it in your inventory and approach water. When close enough, press the action button to cast out the line.

You will then wait for a bite from any fish swimming nearby which will cause your line to start shaking. Pressing the action button again will then reel in the fish if caught successfully. Be sure not to leave it too long however as this could result in losing the catch entirely!

  • Acquire a Fishing Rod: Before you can use a fishing rod in Stranded Deep, you need to find or craft one
  • You can craft a fishing rod using two pieces of Bamboo and one piece of Sinew found throughout the island
  • Find Water Source: Once you have your fishing rod, locate an area with water nearby so that you can begin your fishing adventure
  • Look for dark patches on the ocean surface to spot potential sources of fish!
  • Locate Fish: After finding a suitable spot, look around for any signs of fish such as splashing or bubbles under the ocean’s surface
  • If there are no obvious signs, cast out your line and wait for something to bite!
  • Attach Bait: When ready to attach bait onto your hook, press ‘F’ (default key) on PC or select ‘Interact’ from the radial menu on console versions of the game when hovering over it with your cursor/controller stick (whichever is applicable)
  • This will open up a sub-menu where you can choose various types of bait including worms and crustaceans that are found naturally in-game! 5 Reel In Your Catch: When something bites onto your line, start reeling it in by pressing the left click (on PC) or holding down the interact button (on consoles)
  • As soon as it reaches close enough distance from shore then quickly press the space bar (PC) or Y button(Xbox)/Triangle Button(PS4) when prompted this will make sure that you don’t lose any precious catches!
How to Use Fishing Rod Stranded Deep


How Do You Use Your Fishing Pole on Stranded Deep?

Using a fishing pole in Stranded Deep is simple and rewarding. Here’s what you need to do:

* Equip the rod by selecting it from your inventory.

* Cast the line into water by pressing the right mouse button.

* Wait for a bite and press SPACE when prompted to reel in the catch. * Collect the fish, cook them over an open flame, or use them as bait for other catches.

By following this process, you can enjoy hours of successful fishing on Stranded Deep!

How Do I Use a Fishing Rod in Stranded Deep on Ps4?

Using a fishing rod in Stranded Deep on PS4 is simple. Follow these steps:

* Equip the fishing rod by selecting it in your inventory and pressing R1 or L1 to equip it.

* Stand near a body of water and press R2 to cast out your line.

* Wait for a bite, indicated by an icon appearing on top of the screen.

* Reel in the fish using the X/Square button when you feel some tension on your line.

You can also choose from three different types of bait (shrimp, worm, and leech) that you can craft with items found around islands or undersea areas to improve your chances of catching something more desirable!

How Do You Catch a Fish on a Rod?

To catch a fish on a rod, there are several steps to follow:

– Select the right bait. Choose baits that will attract the type of fish you’re after.

Cast your line in an area where fishes frequent. Positioning is key; look for eddies, shadows, and structures that will provide cover for the fish.

– Wait patiently while keeping an eye on your line or reel until it moves slightly then gently set the hook (pull back) when you feel a bite or tug on your line.

– Reel it in slowly and carefully until it’s close enough to scoop up with a net or hand if necessary. Following these steps should help increase your chances of catching a fish using just a rod!

How Do You Attach a Bobber to a Fishing Rod in Stranded Deep?

To attach a Bobber to a fishing rod in Stranded Deep, you must:

1. Equip your fishing pole by holding it and pressing “Q”.

2. Craft or find a Bobber from the crafting menu.

3. Select the item from your inventory and press “E” while still holding the pole.

4. The Bobber is now ready for use! You can cast out into any body of water for fish with “RMB”.

Stranded Deep – How to Fish with a Fishing Rod

How to Use Fishing Rod Stranded Deep Ps4

Fishing in Stranded Deep is a great way to obtain food, but it can be tricky if you don’t know how to use the fishing rod. To fish using your rod on PS4, equip the fishing rod and press R2 to cast your line. Once a fish bites, press Square as quickly as possible until you reel it in.

Be sure not to leave the button for too long or else you will lose your catch!

How to Use Fishing Rod Stranded Deep Xbox One

Using a fishing rod in Stranded Deep on Xbox One is quite simple. All you need to do is equip the fishing rod and then cast it out into the ocean using either your left or right trigger buttons. You’ll then see a bobber floating on top of the water, indicating that you’ve successfully cast your line.

Wait for the fish to bite and when they do, quickly press both triggers at once and reel away! With some patience and skill, you’ll soon have enough food to keep yourself nourished while stranded deep in the middle of nowhere!

How to Cast Fishing Rod Stranded Deep

Fishing rod casting in Stranded Deep is an essential skill to learn if you want to catch any fish. To cast a fishing rod, first, equip the rod and select “Cast” from the radial menu. Next, aim your reticle at where you want to cast and press the left mouse button or right trigger on the controller.

Then, adjust your power by holding down the left mouse button or pressing and holding R2 until it reaches maximum power before releasing it. This will send out a line with bait attached that can be used to catch fish!

Stranded Deep Fishing Rod Xbox One

The Stranded Deep Fishing Rod Xbox One is an officially licensed fishing rod designed to work with the popular survival video game, Stranded Deep. This high-quality fishing rod is ergonomically designed for comfort and accuracy and features a realistic reel featuring adjustable drag resistance. The rod also includes dedicated buttons for quick access to in-game actions such as casting and reeling in catches.

With its high-performance design and intuitive setup, this fishing rod is perfect for avid gamers looking to get the most out of their gaming experience.


Overall, using a fishing rod in Stranded Deep is an essential skill to master in order to survive and progress. With the right strategies and techniques, you can easily catch fish with your fishing rod and use them for food or bait. Remember that it takes some practice before you become an expert fisherman, so don’t get discouraged if the first few attempts are unsuccessful – just keep trying!

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