How to Use Concrete Form Tubes

Concrete form tubes are a convenient and easy way to create cylindrical concrete forms for footings, columns, piers, and more. To use them correctly:

1. Place the tube on a level surface such as the ground or a wooden board so that it is secure.

2. Fill the tube with your concrete mixture of choice; compacting in between layers to ensure there are no air pockets formed in the center of your cylinder form.

3. Once you have filled your tube with concrete up to the top edge, leave it undisturbed until it has set completely – usually at least 24 hours depending on weather conditions as humidity can affect drying times significantly.

4. When ready remove the form by cutting along one side of the tube starting from its base and then slowly pulling away from one end until free from around your now solidified cylinder shape structure.

  • Step 1: Determine the size of the concrete form tube needed for your project
  • The length of the form tube should be slightly longer than the depth of your pour
  • Ensure that it is large enough in diameter to accommodate any reinforcing bars or rebar that will need to fit inside
  • Step 2: Prepare a level surface on which to place the form tube before pouring concrete by clearing away any obstructions and leveling out any uneven patches with soil, gravel, or sand
  • Step 3: Place the concrete form tube at its desired location and secure it into place with stakes if necessary so that it remains upright when filled with wet concrete later on
  • Step 4: Cut off the end of a plastic sheeting roll and wrap it around one end of the form tube creating an air-tight seal between this opening and the remaining empty space inside which you will eventually fill with wet cement mix
  • This helps prevent leakage from occurring during the pouring process later on
  • Step 5: Fill up the inner portion of the form tube slowly but steadily using either a water hose or a wheelbarrow depending upon how much cement mixture you need for your project as well as how close proximity is located near the work site area
How to Use Concrete Form Tubes


Do You Leave Concrete Tube Forms in the Ground?

When it comes to building foundations, concrete tube forms are often the preferred method of construction. While these forms are designed to be temporary and can be removed after pouring the concrete into them, some people choose to leave their tube forms in place. Leaving the tube forms in situ can have both pros and cons depending on your particular situation.

For example, leaving the tubes in place reduces labor costs associated with removing them but could also add additional expense if you need to make repairs or changes down the road. Additionally, leaving a concrete form may create an uneven surface that could cause problems with drainage or other foundation issues over time. Ultimately, it is up to you whether or not you decide to remove your concrete tube form after use; however, it is important that this decision is made thoughtfully as there are potential risks involved with either choice.

How Do You Use Sonotube Concrete Forms?

Sonotube concrete forms are a great way to create durable, high-quality structures that can withstand the elements. They are also an economical and straightforward solution for creating concrete columns or walls. The process is relatively simple; you start by determining the size of your structure and then cut Sonotube forms to match those dimensions.

Next, you fill each form with dry mix concrete, which should be tamped down firmly so that it sets properly. After adding reinforcements like rebar if desired, you wait for the concrete to cure before removing the tubes and finishing any surface work needed on your project. Once cured and finished, these forms provide a strong foundation for whatever type of structure you’re building – from retaining walls to decorative columns – making them ideal for both residential and commercial projects alike!

Are Concrete Form Tubes Reusable?

Form tubes, also known as sonotubes and concrete forms, are an essential part of any construction project involving pouring concrete foundations. They provide the shape and support needed to ensure that the foundation is strong and will stand up to whatever elements it may be exposed to over time. As a result, they can be quite expensive when purchased new.

However, one of the benefits of using form tubes is that they are reusable if taken care of properly. By following some basic steps like cleaning out dirt or debris after each use and storing them in a dry place away from extreme temperatures or moisture, you can extend their lifespan significantly so that you can get multiple uses out of them without having to buy new ones every time. This not only helps save money but also reduces waste since these materials are not biodegradable and take up space in landfills if disposed of improperly.

Do You Remove Sonotube After Concrete Sets?

When it comes to pouring a concrete foundation, there are many steps involved. One of the most important steps is determining when and how to remove the sonotube after the concrete sets. This step is essential for ensuring that your concrete foundation will last for years to come.

First and foremost, you should always wait until the concrete has had adequate time to cure before removing any formwork or supports like sonotubes. Generally speaking, you should allow at least 28 days for curing; however, depending on environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity levels this may take longer or shorter periods of time. During this period it’s important not to disturb the area in order to ensure proper curing takes place.

Once sufficient curing has taken place and all necessary tests have been conducted (such as slump tests), then it’s safe to begin removing your formwork such as sonotubes from around your freshly poured foundation walls/slab edges/footings, etc., if needed. Its best practice here is also to make sure that no part of these forms remains embedded within any newly placed reinforcing steel or other items so that no damage occurs during the removal process which could potentially compromise structural integrity down the line (e.g chipping away at fresh rebar).

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24″ Concrete Form Tube

The 24″ Concrete Form Tube is an essential tool when pouring concrete. This lightweight, pre-formed tube makes it easy to create round columns for a variety of applications including decks and support posts. The formed tube features a heavy-duty plastic design with UV protection built in to help protect against the elements.

It also allows for quick and easy setup, making it ideal for DIYers and professionals alike.

Cardboard Concrete Form Tube

Cardboard concrete form tubes are an easy and convenient way to create a reliable, durable form for cylindrical concrete structures such as columns or footings. These lightweight and inexpensive tubes come in various lengths, diameters, and thicknesses so that you can find the perfect tube for your project. Not only do cardboard form tubes make it easier to build complex shapes with consistent results, but they also keep your projects from becoming too heavy by providing support without adding extra weight.

Concrete Footing Tubes

Concrete footing tubes are a great option for creating foundations for outdoor structures, like decks, patios, and sheds. They are typically round in shape and can be filled with either concrete or gravel to provide the structural support needed for these types of projects. Concrete footing tubes also help protect against frost heave and other soil movement issues that can affect an outdoor structure’s stability over time.

These convenient pre-formed tubes save time on installation as they require minimal cutting and shaping compared to traditional poured footings, making them a popular choice among DIYers looking to build their own deck or patio foundation quickly and easily.

6 Inch Concrete Form Tube

The 6-inch concrete form tube is a great way to create perfectly round columns for any project. This easy-to-use product is made from heavy-duty cardboard and provides quick and even support for forming the shape of your column. The tube can be filled with concrete or other mixtures, such as soil, sand, gravel, and more.

After it has been filled and allowed to cure completely, the tube can easily be removed by simply cutting along its length. With this product on hand, you’ll have an instant solution for making strong structural pillars that will last for years!


In conclusion, concrete form tubes are a great way to create cylindrical structures for various projects. Not only are they easy to use and cost-effective, but they also provide superior strength and durability due to the dense material used in their construction. With proper care and maintenance, these form tubes can be used for multiple projects over an extended period of time.

Whether you’re creating footings or columns for your project, using concrete form tubes is an excellent choice that will help ensure your structure stands the test of time.

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