How to Use a Fishing Rod in Pokemon Sword

To use a Fishing Rod in Pokemon Sword, first, open the main menu and select “Bag”. Then scroll down to find your Fishing Rod. Select the rod and choose “Use” from the list of options that appears.

Next, go to any body of water where you can fish, such as a lake or pond. Stand near the edge of the water and press ‘A’ to cast your line into it. When an exclamation mark appears above a Pokemon’s head in the water, press A again to reel it in before it gets away!

Make sure you have some Poke Balls handy so you can catch whatever Pokemon is on your hook!

  • Step 1: Gather the necessary items
  • To use a fishing rod in Pokémon Sword, you will need to have a Poké Ball, some Berries (such as Oran or Rawst), and an Old Rod or Fishing Rod
  • Step 2: Find some water
  • Look for water sources such as rivers, ponds, lakes, oceans, or even small pools of water around the world of Galar
  • Step 3: Equip your Old Rod/Fishing Rod
  • From the main menu of your game select “Items” and then “Key Items” to equip your rod before heading out into the wilds of Galar with it in hand! Step 4: Aim at a body of water using motion controls
  • When you are near enough to a body of water press down on the right control stick until an exclamation mark appears over it indicating that you can try and fish there!
  • Step 5: Throw bait into the water by pressing Y repeatedly when prompted on-screen while still aiming at the area with motion controls enabled; this will throw pieces of bait from your held Berries into the lake/ocean etc
  • attracting any Pokémon that may be lurking below!
  • Step 6: Wait for something to bite – When you see a Pokémon take your lure reel back quickly but steadily until it is hooked onto their mouth – if done correctly they should pop up onto shore where they can then be captured with a Poké Ball like usual!


How Do You Fish on Pokemon Sword?

To fish in Pokemon Sword, you must first obtain a Fishing Rod. These can be found at the Stow-on-Side Poke Mart or purchased from the traveling merchant by the bridge in front of Motostoke Riverbank. Once you have obtained a rod, find any body of water with visible Pokémon swimming around and approach it to begin fishing.

As long as there is a Pokémon in sight, pressing A will cast your line into the water. If you successfully hook a Pokémon, press A again to reel it in! Be sure to get plenty of bites before moving on to another spot for better luck!

How Do You Reel in a Fishing Rod in Pokemon Shield?

Reeling in a Fishing Rod in Pokemon Shield is relatively simple. Start by selecting the “Fishing Rod” option from the main menu and then choose your fishing spot. Once you have chosen where to fish, use the Control Stick or Directional Buttons to move your rod towards the water’s edge.

When a splash appears indicating that a Pokémon is nearby, press either A or B button to cast out your line and wait for it to get bit. When you feel something tugging on your line, use the Control Stick or Directional Buttons again to slowly reel in the Pokémon until it pops out of the water onto dry land!

How Does Fishing Work in Pokemon?

Fishing in Pokemon is a great way to catch rare and powerful creatures. Fishing works by throwing a rod into the water, which then attracts Pokemon based on their type and environment. Players can use different lures such as Good Rods, Super Rods, or Master Balls to increase the chances of catching certain types of Pokemon.

Once a wild Pokémon appears, players can either attempt to battle it or choose to reel it in with their rod. After some successful reeling-in attempts, the player will be able to add that particular fish Pokémon they caught into their Pokédex!

How Do You Use an Old Fishing Rod in Pokemon?

Using an old fishing rod in Pokemon is a great way to catch some of the rarer water-type Pokemon. To use it, you’ll need access to any body of water that can be fished from – rivers, lakes, and seas will all do. Make sure you have plenty of bait before you start; if you don’t have any yet, try talking to certain NPCs around the area who might sell some.

When ready, face the edge of the water and press A on your controller; this will cast out your line and make for easier spotting when something bites! Be patient as it takes time for a bite to happen but eventually one should appear – catch them with your Old Fishing Rod and reap the rewards!

How to Fish & Catch Pokemons Using Fishing Rod – Pokemon Sword and Shield

How to Fish in Pokemon Sword

Fishing in Pokemon Sword is a great way to catch rare and powerful Pokemon. To get started, you’ll need to purchase an Old Rod from the Wyndon Poke Mart, then equip it by selecting it in your inventory. Once equipped, you can cast your line off of any bridge or shoreline in the Wild Area.

As soon as a fish bites onto your line, press A repeatedly until you capture it! Be sure to check out what type of fish you’re catching before reeling them in so that you don’t miss out on any valuable catches!

How to Get Fishing Rod Pokemon Sword

If you want to catch a Fishing Rod Pokemon in Pokemon Sword, the first thing you’ll need to do is find one of these elusive creatures. Luckily, they can be found in two different locations: the Giant’s Mirror and the Lake of Outrage. To fish at either spot, use your fishing rod and wait until an encounter appears!

Once you’ve hooked a Fishing Rod Pokemon, it will join your party automatically. With some patience and practice, catching these rare monsters won’t be too difficult!

Why can’t I Fish in Pokemon Sword

Unfortunately, fishing is not a feature in Pokemon Sword. This means that the traditional way of catching wild Pokemon by using rods and lures to catch them from bodies of water cannot be done. However, there are still plenty of ways to capture Pokemon in this game such as participating in Max Raid Battles or finding rare pokemon on Mystery Gifts!

Pokemon Sword Fishing Rod Upgrade

The Fishing Rod in Pokemon Sword can be upgraded to a better version at the Stow-on-Side fishing shop. This upgraded rod increases your chances of successfully catching rarer fish and also allows you to cast further out into the water. The upgrade is relatively inexpensive so it’s definitely worth considering if you’re serious about building up your collection of rare fish!


This blog post has provided a comprehensive guide on how to use a fishing rod in Pokemon Sword. We have discussed the importance of purchasing the right kind of rod, casting your line, and reeling in your catch. With these tips, you’ll be able to master fishing and find new Pokémon with ease!

So make sure to grab your rod and get out there – you never know what you might find!

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