How to Make Fishing Rod Terraria

To make a fishing rod in Terraria, you will first need to find some basic materials. You’ll need two pieces of wood and three iron or lead bars. Once you have these items, craft the Iron/Lead Anvil on your workbench.

This anvil is used to create a Fishing Pole item which requires one piece of wood, one iron/lead bar, and 15 nails. After crafting this pole, use it with any body of water to start fishing! You can also craft bait items that increase your chances of catching something while fishing as well as tackle boxes that allow you to store more fish at once when they are caught.

  • Gather the Necessary Materials: To make a fishing rod in Terraria, you will need six pieces of rope, three sticks, and one iron or lead anvil
  • Craft the Fishing Rod at an Anvil: Once you have all of your materials gathered, head to your nearest anvil and craft the fishing rod by combining two pieces of rope with one stick each
  • Equip the Fishing Rod: After crafting your fishing rod at the anvil, equip it from your inventory by pressing ‘E’ and selecting it in your hotbar by pressing ‘Q’
  • Find a Water Source: Now that you have crafted and equipped your fishing rod, find yourself a nearby body of water such as a lake or river where fish can be found swimming around in shallow depths (usually near shore)
  • Cast Your Line Out Into The Water: With your line cast out into the water using either left-click or right-click depending on which control scheme you are using, wait for a fish to bite! When they do, quickly press left-click/right-click again to reel them in
How to Make Fishing Rod Terraria


Can You Make a Fishing Rod in Terraria?

Yes, you can make a fishing rod in Terraria. You will need the following items to do so:

– 10 pieces of Wood

– 8 Iron/Lead Bars

– A lead or iron Anvil

– One Fishing Pole.

Using these ingredients and an Anvil, you can craft yourself a fishing rod with which to catch fish from the watery depths of your world!

How Do You Craft a Fishing Rod?

Crafting a fishing rod requires patience and attention to detail. Here is a brief guide:

Gather materials: Reel, rod blank, ferrules, guides, tip top, thread line, epoxy resin.

Prepare the reel seat: Attach the reel seat to the rod blank with either an epoxy or metal screw/nut combination.

Cut ferrule sections: Measure and cut two matching pieces of ferrule material for each section of your rod.

Install guides and tip-top: Securely attach each guide along with its corresponding tip-top on your rod blank using thread wrap or epoxy resin glue.

Attach ferrules: Fit both halves of each ferrule onto their respective sections and secure tightly in place with either epoxy or thread wraps. • Finish up: Apply finishing touches such as trimming off excess wrapping thread from all components before finally adding a protective coating to your new fishing rod!

Where Can I Get a Fishing Rod in Terraria?

• Fishing rods can be obtained from Angler NPC quests.

• They can also be purchased from the Fish Merchant in exchange for coins.

• Players may also craft them using various materials at a Work Bench.

Fishing rods are essential tools for fishing in Terraria and can be acquired by completing an Angler NPC quest, purchasing one from the Fish Merchant with coins, or crafting one at a workbench using specific materials.

What Materials Do You Need for Fishing Rod Terraria?

Materials required for fishing rod Terraria: – Fishing Rod: Used to catch fish in water, requires the bait.

– Bait: Can be purchased from a Fisherman or crafted using materials such as Worms and Insect Husks.

– Reel: Attaches to the Fishing Rod; necessary for casting lines into deep waters.

– Tackle Boxes and Accessories: Optional items that provide extra storage space for lures, baits, rods, reels, and more. Fishing rod Terraria is an essential item when fishing in the game.

You need a FishingRod to cast your line into the water and attract fish with Bait – either bought from a Fisherman NPC or gathered through crafting with specific materials like Worms or Insect Husks. Additionally, you’ll also need a Reel to attach to your fishing rod so that it can reach far depths of waters where fishes are located (it also helps wind up caught fishes). Lastly, tackle boxes and Accessories are optional but useful items for storing additional equipment like lures or other hooks used during fishing trips!

All/Best Terraria Fishing Rods Guide! (Fishing Pole Crafting, How to Use)

Best Fishing Rods Terraria

Terraria is an exciting and thrilling fishing experience, and the best way to make sure you are successful in catching fish is by having a quality fishing rod. The best rods for Terraria are the Reaver Shark Rod, Hotline Fishing Hook, Fisher of Souls Rod, Golden Fishing Rod, Barb-Barian Harpoon, and the Truffle Worm Hook – all of which offer reliable performance when it comes to catching fish in Terraria.

How to Fish in Lava Terraria

Fishing in Lava Terraria is a great way to get rare items and resources that can be used to craft powerful weapons and armor. To fish in lava, you will need an Inferno Potion, which can be crafted with five Bottled Water combined with either Fireblossom or Hellstone Bar. After drinking the potion, throw your fishing rod into any pool of lava while standing on solid ground.

If successful, you should start reeling in some unique fish such as the Magma Snapper or even the elusive Lavafish!

How to Fish in Terraria

Fishing in Terraria is a great way to get some rare items, such as various crafting materials and even unique boss-summoning items. To start fishing, you’ll need a Fishing Rod, which can be crafted from any type of wood combined with three pieces of Cobweb at an Anvil or purchased from the Merchant NPC. Once you have your rod, head to a body of water that has fish swimming around – these are usually located near the ocean biome but may also appear in other bodies of water.

Cast your line out by pressing and holding down the left mouse button until it casts far enough into the water for fish to spawn. Once you’ve caught something, simply reel it in by clicking again on the left mouse button and wait for your prize!

Hotline Fishing Rod Terraria

The Hotline Fishing Rod is a powerful tool added in the Terraria 1.3 update that allows players to catch fish from almost any body of water. It can be crafted using Cogs, Souls of Sight, and Hallowed Bars, giving it amazing power and range compared to ordinary fishing rods. With this rod, you can even fish up special items such as crates, biome keys, lava charms,s and so forth.


In conclusion, making a fishing rod in Terraria is easy and fun! The process doesn’t take up too much time or require a lot of resources. All you need to do is craft the components, combine them together, and then you will have your own personalized fishing rod.

With this new tool, you can go off exploring the ocean depths for some exciting fish catches. So grab your materials and get ready for an awesome day of fishing in Terraria!

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