How to Get Fishing Rod Persona 4

To get the Fishing Rod in Persona 4, you’ll need to first visit the Daidara Metalworks shop in the Central Shopping District. Talk to the owner and select “Buy Item” from his menu. The Fishing Rod can be found at the bottom of his inventory list, costing 10,000 yen.

After purchasing it, head to Yasoinaba Riverbank on any day after school and equip your fishing rod by selecting it from your inventory in-game. Once equipped, press X to start fishing! Make sure you have bait with you (purchased at Daidara) and cast away!

With patience and skillful timing when reeling up fish, you should eventually catch some rare species!

  • Purchase a Fishing Rod: The first step to getting the Fishing Rod in Persona 4 is to purchase it from the Tatsuhime store located in Yasoinaba City
  • It costs 10,000 yen and can be purchased from Monday through Saturday between 12 pm and 6 pm
  • Complete Specific Side Quests: After you have purchased the fishing rod, make sure to complete specific side quests for more chances of getting a “Persona 4” fishing rod item drop when defeating enemies in dungeons or other areas within the game world
  • Defeat Enemies with Magic Attacks: When defeating enemies with magic attacks (such as Agi, Zio, etc
  • there is a chance that they will drop either an item related to fishing or even special items such as bait or lures which can be used at various locations throughout the game world for additional bonuses and rewards including extra experience points and even rare items such as weapons and armor pieces
  • Collect Bait & Lure Items During Your Playthroughs: As you progress through your playthroughs of Persona 4 make sure to collect any bait & lure items that may appear during battle sequences; these are important because some fish only respond to certain types of bait/lures so having multiple options available is key if you want a successful catching rate when going out on your fishing trips! 5 Get Fish Reels & Line For More Rewards: Finally, make sure to get fish reels & line which can be bought at the same shop where you got your original rod – this will provide better catches plus unlock exclusive rewards like bonus experience points after each successful catch!
How to Get Fishing Rod Persona 4


How Do You Get a Fishing Rod in Persona4?

To get a fishing rod in Persona 4, there are several steps to follow:

* Purchase one from the Shiroku Store in Inaba.

* Speak with Tomoe at the Samegawa Flood Plain and complete her sidequest.

* Complete Judy’s request at the shrine near Iwatodai Station.

These three tasks will reward you with a fishing rod that can be used to catch fish. With it, you’ll be able to use bait and find rare items of great value around Yasoinaba!

Where to Find a Fishing Rod Persona 4?

The fishing rod in Persona 4 can be found for purchase at the Yomenaido Bookstore in Yasoinaba.

-Costs 10,000 Yen -Located on the first floor of the bookstore

-Can only be purchased after 3/20

Additionally, a fishing rod can also be received as a reward for completing specific requests and tasks. Request details are provided by NPCs throughout the game.

What Level Do You Unlock the Fishing Rod?

The fishing rod can be unlocked at level 4. This means that when a player passes level 3 and reaches level 4, they have access to the fishing rod. Players can use the following steps to unlock the fishing rod:

– Reach level 4 in the game

– Purchase the tool from the store

– Collect resources for crafting it.

Which Npc Sells a Fishing Rod?

NPCs or Non-player Characters are interactive computer-controlled characters in games. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the NPC that sells fishing rods is C.J., the beaver. C.J.’s features include:

• Can be found on the island on certain days and times

• Sells different types of fishing rods for varying prices

• Also offers other items such as lures and bait

Players can purchase a variety of tools from him to help them catch fish more easily and efficiently.

Persona 4 Golden – 012 Tap Soda, Fish Rod 1, Quest 01, and Aeon 1

Bug Catching Net Persona 4

Bug-catching nets in Persona 4 is a useful tool for collecting ingredients to create Personas and other items. They can be bought from the stores Shiroku Pub or Daidara Metalworks, and they come in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. The larger the net size is, the better its ability to catch bugs.

It’s important to note that bug-catching nets will break after use so it’s best to invest in as many of them as possible!

Persona 4 Golden Fishing Hook

Persona 4 Golden Fishing Hook is a unique fishing mini-game added to the game for the PlayStation Vita version of Persona 4. Players are able to catch various fish, frogs, and insects with different levels of difficulty. This feature adds more content and challenges within the game as well as providing rewards such as items and money which can be used in-game.

How to Fish in Persona 4 Golden Pc

Fishing in Persona 4 Golden PC is a great way to relax and have fun! To start, you’ll need to equip yourself with a fishing rod. Once you’ve done this, you can head over to the riverside pier located in Inaba City.

Here you can cast your line into the river and wait for fish to bite your bait. Be sure to use different types of bait as some fish may be more attracted to one type than another! With patience and luck, soon enough you will find yourself reeling in some juicy catches!

Persona 4 Golden Fishing Guardian

Persona 4 Golden Fishing Guardian is a unique fishing mini-game that can be accessed through the Velvet Room. Through this mini-game, players are able to capture rare Personas by using bait and lure in the mysterious sea of fate. Players must also battle against powerful guardians while they fish, making it an exciting and challenging experience for fans of Persona 4 Golden.

With rewards such as rare items, new skills, and even fusion recipes being made available after each successful trip out to sea, Persona 4 Golden Fishing Guardian is certainly a great way to pass the time!


In conclusion, getting the Fishing Rod in Persona 4 is a great way to make money and pass the time. It requires some patience but with the right materials and knowledge, it can be done! With some practice and dedication, anyone can learn how to get their hands on this valuable tool.

Thanks to this blog post you now have all of the information you need to start your journey towards becoming a master fisherman!

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