How to Get Fishing Bait in Terraria

Fishing bait can be obtained in Terraria by using the Fishing Rod to catch baitfish found in the water. Baitfish have a chance of dropping when fishing, so it is important to cast your line as often as possible for the best chances of getting some. You can also craft Bait from materials such as Worms and Frog Legs, which can be bought from NPCs or found naturally around the world.

Additionally, you can use bait crates that are dropped by Angler enemies (found near bodies of water) to get additional types of bait like Shrimp and Chum. Finally, you may find Lucky Crates underwater which contain various baits and other items useful for angling!

  • Build a Fishing Crate: Crafting a fishing crate requires 8 pieces of wood and 1 iron or lead bar at an Iron Anvil or Lead Anvil
  • Once crafted, the crate can be placed in shallow water (less than 3 blocks deep) to attract baitfish that will drop Bait when caught with a fishing pole
  • Catch Baitfish using Fishing Pole: To catch bait fish you must use an upgraded fishing pole with any kind of bait equipped
  • Cast your line into shallow water (less than 3 blocks deep) that has the Fishing Crate placed in it and wait for the bobber to dip below the surface which indicates you have caught a Bait Fish like Trout, Bass, Salmon, etc
  • When you reel it in, there is a chance that one of these fish may drop some bait for your inventory!
  • Purchase from Merchant NPCs: If all else fails then buying them from Merchant NPCs would be your last resort as they usually sell both worms and grasshoppers as well as other baits such as maggots and bread crumbs for more money
How to Get Fishing Bait in Terraria


Can You Buy Bait in Terraria?

Yes, you can buy bait in Terraria. Bait is an item that can be used to lure fish into the water so that they may be caught with a Fishing Pole. It’s available from the Merchant NPC after a certain point in game progression and typically costs around 10 gold coins per stack of 20.

The type of bait depends on the biome it is purchased from; for example, Lake Bait will work best when fishing in any body of water while Jungle Bait works better in jungle biomes like The Underground Jungle or The Crimson.

How Do You Make Fishing Rod Bait in Terraria?

To make fishing rod bait in Terraria, you’ll need to craft a Fishing Crate at a Work Bench using 3 Wood and 1 Iron/Lead Bar. You can also place an empty Crate on the ground and use your Rod to catch bait for it. Once you have crafted or placed a crate, simply cast your line into any body of water with the pole equipped.

When something bites, reel it in—it should be a piece of bait! If not, keep trying; different kinds of fish prefer different baits so try switching them up if you’re having trouble catching something specific.

How Do You Make Fishing Bait?

Making fishing bait is a relatively simple process. You can make your own bait using common items found in most households or outdoors. Start by gathering ingredients like bread, cheese, worms, dough balls, cornmeal, and other items that attract fish.

Then mix the ingredients into a paste and shape it into small balls or cubes depending on what type of bait you want to use. Finally, place the baited hook in the water and wait for a bite! Be sure to choose an appropriate size and color of the bait according to what kind of fish you are trying to catch.

How Do You Get Worms for Fishing in Terraria?

Fishing for worms in Terraria is a great way to get some of the rarest fish in the game. To do this, you will need an Underwater Helmet and a Bug Net. The Underwater Helmet allows you to breathe underwater, allowing you to traverse the depths of any body of water in search of worms.

Once located, using your Bug Net will allow you to collect the worms and store them safely until they are ready to be used as bait when fishing. With enough patience and perseverance, it’s possible to increase your chances of catching rarer fish by collecting more unique types of worms.

How to get fish bait in terraria: easy, quick guide!

How to Get Bait in Terraria Without a Bug Net

One way to get a bait in Terraria without a bug net is by using the Fishing Crate. These crates randomly appear on the edges of bodies of water and will reward players with various items, including bait. Additionally, you can find bait from enemies or by exploring chests or other sources of loot scattered throughout the game world.

Can You Fish Without Bait Terraria

Yes, you can fish without bait in Terraria. Through the use of a fishing pole and hook, players are able to cast their line into any body of water and attempt to catch a variety of fish. While using bait will increase your chances of catching more valuable items like coins or crates, it is not necessary for basic fishing tasks.

Master Bait Terraria

Master Bait is a special item in Terraria that can be used to attract most NPCs, including the Guide and Goblin Tinkerer. It has a very low drop rate from enemies, so it is best to farm for it with an appropriate Fishing Rod. When placed in the environment, Master Bait will draw nearby NPCs towards it, allowing players to easily summon them without having to search around manually.

Easiest Way to Get Bait Terraria

One of the easiest ways to get the bait in Terraria is by using a fishing pole and casting it into water sources. When you catch fish, they will often drop bait items such as Worms, Grubs, and Stinkfish. You can also find these items randomly while exploring different biomes or underground caves.

Additionally, you can use a Bug Net to capture various types of critters which may also yield some bait when broken down. Ultimately, having plenty of available bait is essential for successful fishing so make sure to stock up!


Fishing bait in Terraria can be obtained by breaking crates, buying from a Merchant NPC, or catching critters. With the right materials and strategizing, you can use these methods to get all the fishing bait you need for your next fishing trip. Fishing is an enjoyable activity that requires patience and practice – but with the right strategies and techniques, any player can become a master angler in no time!

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