How to Get a Fishing Rod in Pokemon Emerald

To get a fishing rod in Pokemon Emerald, first you will need to travel to the local Fishing Guru. He can be found near Dewford Town and Slateport City. Talk to him and he will give you an Old Rod for free.

Once you have the Old Rod, use it by standing at the edge of any body of water in the game world and press A when prompted. You may then encounter various wild Water-type Pokemon depending on which location you are fishing from. If desired, more powerful rods can be purchased from vendors around the Hoenn region that allow for catching rarer fish species like Feebas or even Legendary Pokemon such as Kyogre or Groudon!

  • Purchase a Fishing Rod: To get a fishing rod in Pokemon Emerald, you will need to purchase one from the Dewford Town Item Mart
  • The Item Mart is located near the entrance of the town and can be accessed by talking to the shopkeeper inside
  • Get an Old Rod: Once you are in the Item Mart, select the “Equipment” option at the bottom of the list and then choose “Old Rod”
  • This will allow you to purchase an Old Rod for 500 Pokédollars (the game’s currency)
  • Equip Your New Fishing Rod: After purchasing your new fishing rod, head into your inventory screen and equip it as if it were any other type of item like a potion or Pokéball
  • You can now use this rod anywhere there is water to fish for Pokémon!
How to Get a Fishing Rod in Pokemon Emerald


How Do You Get a Good Rod in Pokemon Emerald?

To get a Good Rod in Pokémon Emerald, you must first reach Sootopolis City. Then proceed to the Fishing Guru’s house and talk to him. He will give you the Good Rod as a reward for completing certain tasks:

Complete the Hoenn Pokédex – This requires catching all 202 Pokémon available in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

Defeat all 8 Gym Leaders – To do this you must battle each of them and obtain 8 Badges from their respective Gyms.

Collect at least 50 unique water-type Pokémon – You can achieve this by fishing with an Old or Super Rod or by surfing around bodies of water on your journey through Hoenn.

Once these tasks are completed, return to the Fishing Guru’s house and he will award you with the Good Rod!

How Do You Get a Fishing Rod in Pokemon?

To get a fishing rod in Pokémon, you’ll need to:

* Talk to the Fishing Guru near Fuchsia City.

* Exchange your Old Rod for the Good Rod at Vermilion City.

* Receive the Super Rod by visiting Route 12 or Pisces Island. Once you obtain these items, you can use them while fishing in any water body within the game world to catch various types of Pokémon.

How Do You Get a Fishing Rod in Pokemon Green?

To get a fishing rod in Pokemon Green, you must complete the following steps:

• Talk to the Fishing Guru on Route 4.

• He will give you an Old Rod.

• After receiving it, go to Vermillion City and talk to the Fisherman near the entrance of Diglett’s Cave.

• He’ll give you a Good Rod.

• Finally, head over to Fuchsia City and talk to the Fisherman standing outside of Safari Zone Gatehouse for your Super Rod!

Getting these three rods will allow you access to deeper waters where rare creatures can be found.

Where Do You Get Fishing Rod Pokemon Ruby?

You can get a Fishing Rod in Pokémon Ruby by visiting various locations during the game. Here is a list of places to look:

Verdanturf Town – Talk to an old man wandering around town.

Dewford Town – Go inside the house near the sea and talk to the Fisherman there.

Slateport City – Look for a small building, which houses Captain Stern’s Shipyard, and talk to one of his assistants. Once you have obtained your Fishing Rod, you will be able to fish for Pokemon at any location with water!

How Do You Catch Pokemon in Emerald?

Catching Pokémon in Emerald is easy when you know the basics.

* Visit a Poké Mart and buy some Poké Balls to begin catching wild Pokémon.

* Get your trainer’s first Pokémon from Professor Birch at the start of your journey.

* Keep an eye out for rustling grass, as this indicates a wild Pokémon nearby.

* Talk to NPCs (non-player characters) around town – they may have helpful advice! * Battle with other trainers and gain experience points by defeating them in battle.

This will help make it easier to catch wild Pokémon. Once you have a few different kinds of Poké Balls, you’ll be ready to start catching those little critters!

How To Get Old Rod, Good Rod, and Super Rod | Pokemon Emerald

How to Get Super Rod in Pokemon Emerald

It is possible to obtain the Super Rod in Pokemon Emerald by speaking to a fisherman in Rustboro City. Once you have talked to him, he will give you the Super Rod which can be used for fishing rare and powerful water-type Pokemon like Gyarados and Milotic. This item is invaluable for trainers looking to add some of these rare creatures to their team!

How to Fish in Pokemon Emerald

Fishing in Pokémon Emerald is a great way to catch rare and powerful Water-type Pokémon. To start fishing, you will need an Old Rod or Good Rod from any Fishing Guru found near water. You can also purchase the rods at some Poké Marts.

Once you have your rod, approach any body of water with it equipped and press A while facing it to cast your line. Be sure to watch for a bite at the end of your line – when this happens, quickly press A again to reel in whatever Pokémon might be there!

Good Rod Pokemon Emerald

Good Rod fishing in Pokemon Emerald is a great way to add rare and powerful fish-type Pokemon to your team. With the Good Rod, you can catch pokemon such as Magikarp, Feebas, Tentacool, Wailmer, and more! It’s easy to find the Good Rod – just look for it near any body of water around Hoenn.

Once you have it in hand, start fishing away and see what new friends come along!

How to Use Super Rod in Pokemon Emerald

Using the Super Rod in Pokemon Emerald is a great way to find rare and powerful water-type Pokemon. Simply head over to Route 118, located just south of Slateport City, and use the Super Rod by pressing A while facing any body of water. You’ll then be presented with a random encounter that may be one of many rare or powerful Water-type Pokemon!

Keep fishing until you find the perfect one for your team!


In conclusion, getting a fishing rod in Pokemon Emerald is an easy task as long as you know where to look. With the help of this guide, you should now be able to locate and obtain the Old Rod from Fisherman Ralph at Route 104. Once you have it, you can start fishing for Magikarp–the most common water pokemon–and eventually work your way up to other rarer catches.

So grab your rod and head out on your next adventure!

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