How Much Do Hiking Guides Make

Hiking guides make money in a variety of ways depending on their experience, the location they work, and the type of trips they lead. The most experienced hiking guides can earn up to $100 per hour for private trips or $200+ per day for group outings. Entry-level professionals typically start at around $15/hour and may receive additional tips from clients based on satisfaction with their services.

Some outdoor companies offer packages that include lodging, meals, and guiding services which allow them to charge more than just an hourly rate for their expertise. Additionally, some guides are able to supplement their income by teaching classes or leading workshops related to backpacking or wilderness navigation.

Hiking guides are able to make a good living from their work, depending on the location and type of trips they offer. According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for hiking guides in the United States is $39,273 per year, with some making as much as $54,000 or more. This number can vary significantly based on factors like experience level and additional certifications that you may have acquired.

How Much Do Hiking Guides Make


Can You Make Money As a Hiking Guide?

Yes, it is possible to make money as a hiking guide! Professional hiking guide contributes their knowledge and experience of the outdoors to lead groups on hikes in nature. In addition to guiding people through scenic trails and teaching them about outdoor safety, they can also provide an educational experience by introducing hikers to local flora and fauna.

Depending on the region, there are various opportunities for certified guides who work with organizations or independently. Guiding companies often offer part-time positions that require certification from either a governing body or a third-party organization such as the American Hiking Society. Independent guides usually need more certifications than those working for larger organizations, but at least one year of professional guiding experience is typically required regardless.

Many independent guides use social media platforms like Instagram or YouTube to promote their services and build clientele; others may opt for traditional methods such as advertising in newspapers or magazines. With dedication, hard work, and passion for being outside, being a hiking guide can be both rewarding and profitable!

How Do I Become a Hiking Guide in the USA?

Becoming a hiking guide in the USA is an exciting and rewarding career option. It requires dedication, passion, and hard work to become successful in this field. To become a qualified hiking guide, you must first complete all necessary certifications required by the state or region you plan on working in.

These certifications are typically acquired through courses offered by organizations such as the American Hiking Society (AHS) or the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH). Once certified, you can apply for positions with companies offering guided hikes or even start your own business. Additionally, it’s important to gain experience leading groups out on excursions so that potential employers will trust your ability to lead them safely and efficiently along any trail they’re planning to travel.

You should also strive to obtain Wilderness First Responder certification which is a requirement for many guiding jobs in remote areas where medical attention may be difficult to access. Lastly, having good communication skills and knowledge about local flora/fauna is key when becoming a successful hiking guide since oftentimes people look for more than just physical guidance during their trip; they want someone who can answer questions about their environment as well!

What is the Highest Salary for a Tour Guide?

The highest salary for a tour guide depends on the type of job and experience level. Tour guides who work in major tourist destinations such as New York City, London and Paris can earn up to $50,000 per year. Meanwhile, tour guides in smaller cities or regions may only make around $30,000 annually.

Those with extensive knowledge about a certain area or culture can also command higher rates if they specialize in private tours for individuals or groups looking for an immersive experience. Additionally, some tour companies offer bonuses or additional pay for successfully leading tours throughout the year. Ultimately, the amount that a tour guide earns is dependent upon their individual skillset and regional market conditions.

How Much Can You Make Being a Guide?

Being a guide is an incredibly rewarding job that can also have financial benefits. Guides can make anywhere from $20,000 to over $100,000 per year depending on their experience and the type of guiding they do. Tour guides typically command higher wages than those who work in more specialized fields like whitewater rafting or ski guiding.

Those who are certified as professional guides usually receive higher pay for their expertise and knowledge. On top of this salary, some tour companies provide additional compensation such as bonuses, tips, or commission-based income potentials for high-performing employees. Additionally, many guides receive free meals while working which they can use to supplement their income if needed.

All in all, there are numerous opportunities out there for experienced guides to make a comfortable living doing what they love!

Training Tips for Hiking… that Actually WORK!

How to Become a Hiking Guide

Becoming a hiking guide is an exciting and rewarding career path for those who love the outdoors. To become a guide, you must first get certified in wilderness medicine and navigation, as well as basic outdoor skills such as map reading and emergency response protocols. You should also have solid communication skills, be able to multi-task, and stay organized while leading groups of hikers on their journey.

Additionally, you should have extensive knowledge of the area that you will be guiding in; it’s important to know the terrain, local wildlife, plants, and trees found on your hikes. Finally, having certifications like Wilderness First Aid or Leave No Trace can make your resume stand out from other potential guides when applying for positions!


In conclusion, the salary of a hiking guide can vary hugely depending on their experience and the type of organization they work for. Generally speaking, however, it is possible to make an attractive income from guiding hikes without having to commit to full-time hours. With proper training and certification, anyone with an interest in nature and people could become a successful hiking guide and enjoy one of the most rewarding jobs in the outdoors!

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