How Many Hiking Trails are in the Us

The United States is home to over 200,000 miles of hiking trails. These trails can be found in every state and range from easy paths through the woods to challenging mountain summits. The Pacific Crest Trail is one of the most famous long-distance trails in the US, spanning 2,650 miles across California, Oregon, and Washington.

Other popular hikes include sections of the Appalachian Trail (2175 mi), Continental Divide Trail (3100 mi), John Muir Trail (210 mi), and Arizona’s Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim trail (22 mi). Additionally, many states have their own designated national scenic trails such as Florida’s Florida National Scenic Trail which runs 1,300 miles through 11 counties in south Florida.

With more than 200,000 miles of trails across the United States, there are certainly a lot of possibilities for outdoor enthusiasts to explore. Hiking trails in the US span from easy day hikes to longer multi-day backpacking trips and encompass every type of terrain imaginable — from desert canyons to alpine peaks, coastal beaches and meadows, dense forests, and mountain passes. Whether you’re looking for an adventure close to home or want to travel around the country hitting all the best spots, there’s no shortage of amazing hiking trails in America!

How Many Hiking Trails are in the Us


How Many Trails Are There in the United States?

The United States is home to an abundance of trails, with over 200,000 miles of routes and pathways across the 50 states. From urban biking paths to rugged mountain hiking routes, there are a multitude of options for outdoor adventurers looking for a challenge. Regardless of where you’re located in the country, chances are you can find some sort of trail nearby.

In fact, some estimates suggest that there may be as many as 12 million individual trails spread throughout America – from iconic national parks like Yellowstone and Yosemite to small neighborhood greenways and bike paths. There’s something for everyone! Whether it’s a scenic stroll through nature or an intense trek up a jagged peak, these trails provide diverse experiences that draw people from all over the world year after year.

With so many different types of terrain on offer – from flat desert expanses to lofty alpine ridges – exploring America’s trails can be an incredibly rewarding experience no matter your skill level or adventure style preference!

How Many Hiking Trails Are in Us National Parks?

Hiking is one of the most popular activities in US national parks and with good reason. There are thousands of miles of trails to explore, offering something for everyone from short day hikes to multi-day backpacking trips. In total, there are over 30,000 hiking trails in National Parks across the United States.

These trails range from easy paths suitable for families with small children or those looking for a leisurely stroll through nature, to strenuous climbs that require technical expertise and experience. With such a wide variety of options available, it’s no wonder why so many people choose US national parks as their go-to destination for outdoor adventures. Whether you’re interested in challenging yourself on an intense mountain summit or just exploring your local park on foot – there are endless opportunities when it comes to hiking in US national parks!

How Many Scenic Trails Are in the Us?

The United States is known for its beautiful and diverse landscapes, making it a great destination for outdoor adventurers. With over 200,000 miles of trails across the country, there are countless scenic trails to explore in the US. From rugged mountain peaks to lush forests and coastal vistas, these trails boast breathtaking views that will take your breath away.

In total, there are more than 12 million miles of hiking paths throughout America – enough to keep you busy exploring for years! Whether you’re looking for an easy day hike or an epic multi-day backpacking trip, there’s sure to be a trail that fits your needs. No matter what type of terrain you prefer or how much time you have available, the US has something special waiting for every hiker who loves being surrounded by nature at its finest.

How Many Historic Trails Are There in the Us?

There are a number of historic trails in the US that have been preserved as part of our nation’s heritage. The most famous is probably the Oregon Trail, which was used by pioneers traveling from Missouri to Oregon in the mid-1800s. Other notable trails include the California Trail, the Mormon Pioneer Trail, and the Santa Fe Trail.

In addition to these major routes, there are many other smaller historical trails scattered throughout America that have become popular with hikers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. These include such iconic routes as Lewis & Clark’s expedition trail through Montana and Idaho, the Pony Express route across Nebraska, Utah, and Nevada; Chief Joseph’s Nez Perce War trail in Washington; Ute Indian Warpath through Colorado; Old Spanish National Historic Trail through Arizona and New Mexico; Appalachian National Scenic Trails across 14 states along the East Coast; Iditarod Sled Dog Race in Alaska; Selma March Route from Alabama to Montgomery among others. Each one holds its own unique history that can be experienced by those willing to explore it – an experience sure to deepen your appreciation for American culture!

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National Park Trails

National Park Trails are great for hikers and nature lovers alike, offering a variety of terrain to explore. Many trails are well-marked with maps and signs that provide important information about the area, such as trail difficulty ratings, local wildlife species, and historical facts. National parks also offer educational programs for visitors to learn more about the natural history of their surroundings.

Whether you’re looking for a challenging hike or an easy stroll through nature, there is sure to be a national park trail perfect for your needs!

What are Hiking Trails

Hiking trails are paths designed for people to explore the outdoors on foot. They can range from easy, flat terrain to difficult, rocky terrain. Trails provide an opportunity for hikers to explore nature at their own pace and enjoy the beauty of a wild landscape in solitude or with friends and family.

The trails also offer an exercise outlet that is both physically rewarding and mentally stimulating. Hiking trails often feature breathtaking views, waterfalls, wildlife sightings, plant life, historical sites, and more!

National Trails System

The National Trails System is a network of trails in the United States that are administered by federal, state, and local agencies. These trails provide opportunities for hiking, biking, horseback riding, paddling, and other recreational activities. The system consists of 11 national scenic trails and 19 national historic trails that span more than 50,000 miles across the country.

These trails offer visitors an opportunity to explore some of America’s most beautiful landscapes while connecting them with our nation’s past. By visiting these sites people can learn about our history and culture as well as enjoy outdoor recreation.

National Park Trail Guide

A National Park Trail Guide is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to explore the trails and majestic beauty of our national parks. It will provide detailed maps and descriptions of various trails, as well as helpful information on safety and regulations within the park. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced hiker, having a reliable guide can help make your journey more enjoyable and memorable.


Overall, the United States has an incredible variety of hiking trails to explore. There are countless different types of terrain and scenery that can be enjoyed while out on a hike. Whether you’re looking for mountains, forests, deserts, or coastline vistas – there’s something for everyone in America’s vast network of trails.

With so many options available it is easy to see why Americans have such a strong affinity for outdoor exploration and adventure!

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