Down Camping Blanket Costco

The Down Camping Blanket from Costco is a great choice for camping trips. It is lightweight, yet warm and comfortable. The blanket is filled with down feathers that provide superior insulation and warmth even in cold temperatures.

It also features an adjustable drawstring hood to keep you warm and dry when the weather turns bad. Additionally, it has reinforced corners so you can fasten it securely to your sleeping bag or other camping items. Furthermore, the durable nylon shell of this blanket will protect it from wear and tear while you’re out on the trails or in your tent at night.

Overall, this Down Camping Blanket from Costco offers superior warmth and protection during any outdoor adventure no matter what Mother Nature throws your way!

Down camping blankets from Costco are the perfect way to stay warm and cozy in any weather. These luxurious blankets are made with lightweight, down-filled materials that provide superior insulation for a comfortable night’s sleep. The durable construction ensures long-lasting use, so you can enjoy your outdoor adventures with confidence.

Plus, these high-quality camping blankets come at an unbeatable price – ideal for those on a budget!

Down Camping Blanket Costco


What Blankets Are Best for Camping?

When it comes to camping, the right blankets can make a huge difference. When you’re spending time outdoors, you need something that will keep you warm and comfortable in any weather condition. The best blankets for camping are lightweight and packable so they won’t weigh down your gear.

They should also be made of materials that will provide warmth while resisting water, wind, and abrasion so they last through multiple trips without needing to be replaced. Fleece or wool blankets are ideal choices because they provide great insulation with minimal weight while synthetic fiber options like polyester are more affordable but may not offer as much warmth or durability. Additionally, look for products with antimicrobial treatments to help prevent odors caused by sweat and bacteria build-up on the fabric over time.

With these features in mind plus your own personal preference for size and type of material, you can select the perfect blanket for all your outdoor adventures!

How Much Does a Costco Down Quilt Weigh?

Costco down quilts is a great option for those looking to stay cozy and warm in the winter months. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and come in an array of colors and styles. But one question people often ask is: How much does a Costco down quilt weigh?

The answer really depends on the type of down quilt you choose; some can be as light as 0.5 kg while others may reach up to 1 kg or more depending on size and fill power. Generally speaking, most Costco down quilts range from 0.8-1kg when dry – though this number will increase slightly when wet due to absorption of moisture from humidity or rainwater. Additionally, if you opt for a higher quality 800+ fill power model it’s likely to be heavier than lower quality 300–400 fill models due to extra insulation materials used in construction.

Ultimately, choosing the right weight for your needs will depend mostly on personal preference but should also take into account temperature extremes where you live so that you don’t end up too hot or too cold at night!

How Do I Wash My Costco Pendleton Blanket?

If you own a Costco Pendleton blanket that needs to be washed, then follow these simple steps for the best results. First, turn your blanket inside out before washing it in cold water on a gentle cycle with mild detergent. Do not use fabric softener or bleach as this can damage the fibers of your blanket.

After washing, tumble dry your blanket on low heat and do not over-dry it; instead, remove it from the dryer while still slightly damp and shake gently to fluff up the fibers. If necessary, you can go over the surface of your Pendleton Blanket with an iron set to medium heat but make sure not to leave any areas exposed too long as this could cause scorching spots on the fabric. Finally, hang your clean Pendleton Blanket outside in direct sunlight for several hours if desired as natural light will help brighten colors and reduce odors naturally without using harsh chemicals.

Where are Costco Pendleton Blankets Made?

Costco Pendleton blankets are some of the most well-known and beloved blankets out there. But where exactly are they made? The answer is right here in the United States!

All Costco Pendleton blankets are crafted with care in Oregon by Pendleton Woolen Mills, a family-run business that has been producing high-quality wool fabrics since 1863. The company’s rigorous standards for quality assurance ensure that every blanket meets the highest levels of excellence. Each blanket begins life as yarn, which is then individually inspected multiple times before being woven into fabric on traditional looms.

Once complete, each blanket undergoes an additional inspection process to ensure that it meets all required specifications for size and durability before it can earn the prestigious “Pendleton” label. With such attention to detail and craftsmanship put into each piece, you can be sure your Costco Pendleton blanket will last for years to come!

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Costco Down Throw 2-Pack

The Costco Down Throw 2-Pack is the perfect way to stay warm and cozy this winter. These throws are made of a luxurious down fill with a soft, quilted top layer for added comfort. The two-pack offers convenience and value, providing you with two beautiful throws that can be used in different rooms or given as gifts.

Each throw measures 50″ x 70″, making them large enough to cover an entire bed or sofa comfortably. They come in several stylish colors so you can choose the one that best complements your home décor.

Packable down Blanket

A packable down blanket is a perfect accessory for camping, picnicking, or any outdoor activity. It provides insulation and warmth in cold temperatures and is lightweight, compressible, and easy to store. Made from a combination of lightweight materials like down feathers, these blankets are both durable and breathable – ideal for keeping you comfortable on your next adventure!

Costco Packable Blanket

The Costco Packable Blanket is the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure. It’s lightweight, durable, and easy to carry, making it ideal for camping trips or picnics. Made from ripstop polyester fabric with a water-resistant coating, this blanket is designed to be both comfortable and resilient against the elements.

The blanket packs compactly into its own pouch for convenient storage and transport so you can always bring it along with you when needed!

Alptrek Adventure Blanket Costco

The Alptrek Adventure Blanket from Costco is the perfect addition to any outdoor activity. This lightweight, ultra-soft blanket is made of a durable polyester/nylon blend with a water-repellent finish and provides insulation while also being breathable. It has an oversized design with two convenient pockets for storing items like phones, wallets, or snacks during your adventures in nature.

Its compact size makes it easy to pack up and take on the go – whether you’re headed camping or just want something cozy to keep you warm while you watch the stars!


In conclusion, Costco’s Down Camping Blanket is a great option for those looking to stay warm and cozy while camping or hiking. It provides excellent insulation and breathability in all weather conditions, making it a reliable choice for outdoor activities. Additionally, its lightweight design makes transporting the blanket easy and convenient.

The convenience of buying this item from an established retail store such as Costco also adds to its appeal. All things considered, the Down Camping Blanket from Costco is an ideal product for anyone who wants to stay comfortable outdoors without breaking the bank.

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