Does Afk Fishing Work in 1.18

Yes, AFK Fishing works in 1.18. AFK stands for Away From Keyboard and is a method of fishing in the game where you can leave your character to fish without inputting any commands or actions from your keyboard. In order to do this, you must place a fishing rod into a body of water and cast it out.

Then, after several minutes have passed, the character will catch some items such as fish or other items that are related to the type of biome they are in (such as coral if near an ocean). This process will continue until either the player manually stops it or all available resources have been exhausted.

Afk fishing in the 1.18 version of Minecraft can be a great way to farm fish quickly and easily! This method requires players to set up their own ‘fishing farms’ by placing two water blocks side-by-side, with one block being slightly higher than the other. When done correctly, this will create a continuous flow of water that mobs cannot pass through, making it perfect for catching fish without having to constantly move around.

Players can also use various items like lures and baits to increase their chances of getting rare or valuable catches. With some patience and dedication, afk fishing in 1.18 is an effective way for players to get the resources they need without spending too much time away from their game!

Does Afk Fishing Work in 1.18


Q: Does Afk Fishing Work in Minecraft 1

15? Yes, AFK fishing still works in Minecraft 1.15. AFK (Away From Keyboard) Fishing is a popular technique used by players to catch fish without manually reeling them in.

To do this, the player must build a small dock or floating platform with one block of water and two blocks that are below it. Then they must place a fishing rod on the edge of the dock and wait for a few minutes until they hear the bobber splash sound indicating that a fish has been caught. The player can then collect their loot without having to interact with the game at all!

This makes it an ideal way for players who want to multitask while playing Minecraft or simply don’t have time to actively participate in fishing activities.


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18 of Minecraft

Exact Answer: 18 is the minimum age requirement for playing Minecraft. Detailed Blog Post Paragraph: Developed by Mojang Studios, Minecraft has become one of the most popular and successful video game franchises in gaming history.

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So if you think you’ve got what it takes to survive in the virtual world of Minecraft, make sure you’re 18 first!

However, It is Important to Note That Afk Fishing Will Only Yield Fish When the Player is Completely Idle for at Least Five Minutes

It is important to note that AFK (away from the keyboard) fishing will only yield fish when the player is completely idle for at least five minutes. This means that if the player moves their character or interacts with the game in any way, even if it’s just a few seconds of movement, they will not receive any rewards while fishing. To ensure successful AFK fishing and maximize rewards, players must make sure to remain still and inactive in-game for a full five minutes before receiving any rewards – including fish!

By taking these steps, players can take advantage of AFK Fishing without wasting time and resources.

Easiest AFK Fish Farm | Minecraft *1.18*


In conclusion, AFK fishing does work in Minecraft 1.18 but it is not recommended due to the potential inconvenience and safety risks involved. With this being said, it is up to players if they want to take the risk of using AFK fishing as a way of getting items or resources. Ultimately, players should weigh their options carefully before deciding whether or not they would like to use this method.

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