Do You Need a Permit to Hike the Enchantments

Yes, in order to hike the Enchantments in Washington State you will need a permit. The Enchantments is located within the Alpine Lakes Wilderness and is managed by the Wenatchee National Forest. A permit is required for day use as well as overnight camping trips due to high demand and environmental concerns.

Day permits are free while overnight permits cost $5 per person, per night with a maximum of 8 people allowed on an overnight trip. Permits must be obtained at least 24 hours before visiting or up to four months in advance by mail-in application or online through

Hiking the Enchantments in Washington State is a breathtaking experience and one that many people long to embark on. While it is free to hike the trail, you do need a permit from the US Forest Service if you plan to stay overnight in this area. This limited access system helps ensure that visitors are able to have an enjoyable time without overcrowding or overusing the trails and campsites.

Before planning your trip, make sure to obtain your permit so that you can have an unforgettable outdoor adventure!

Do You Need a Permit to Hike the Enchantments


Can You Day Hike the Enchantments Without a Permit?

Yes, you can day hike the Enchantments without a permit. If you are planning on hiking or camping within the Enchantment Permit Area then of course you need to have a valid permit for that. However, if your plan is just to do some day hiking in the area then there is no need for a permit as long as you keep your trip within 24 hours (or less).

The majority of trails don’t require permits either, so it’s easy to find yourself in one of these areas without even realizing it! Before heading out on any hikes be sure to check with local ranger stations and trailhead signs as they may list additional regulations about which areas require permits and what type of activities are allowed. Even though day hikes don’t usually require permits, it’s still important to follow all Leave No Trace principles when visiting wilderness areas like the Enchantments in order to protect this beautiful landscape for future generations.

What Do I Need to Hike the Enchantments?

Hiking the Enchantments is an incredible experience, but it requires proper planning and preparation. Before you embark on your journey, make sure you have all of the essentials for a safe and enjoyable hike. You’ll need appropriate clothing for the weather conditions at the time of your hike, sturdy hiking boots or shoes with plenty of treads to provide traction in different terrains, a daypack to carry water and snacks for energy along with other necessary items such as sunscreen and insect repellent.

If you plan on doing any overnight camping during your hike, then be sure to bring a tent, sleeping bag, and pad. Depending on where exactly you are going within The Enchantment area there may be additional equipment required; check with local rangers or search online forums related to that specific trail before packing up so that you know what supplies will best suit your needs. Additionally, it’s important to map out your route ahead of time so that you can easily follow directions when needed while avoiding any potentially hazardous areas.

Lastly, make sure someone else knows about your plans so they can keep track of where you’re headed in case anything unexpected happens during the trip! By ensuring that these preparations are made before setting off into The Enchantments, hikers can enjoy this breathtaking area without putting themselves at risk!

How Much is an Enchantments Permit?

Getting an Enchantments permit can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Depending on the season and the desired entry points, permits are required for overnight stays in The Enchantments area of Washington State. There are two permit options – Core Zone Permits and Additional/Alternative Nights Permits.

Each cost $5 per person per day plus a non-refundable administration fee of $6. As such, an Enchantments permit will cost at least $11 per person for each night spent in the zone (not including any additional nights). When applying for a permit you must provide your name, phone number, email address, and credit card information as well as select three preferred entry dates or zones when submitting your application online or by mail.

You must also specify how many people will be joining you on your trip so that everyone is accounted for with their individual permits before entering the area.

How Long Does It Take to Hike the Enchantments?

Hiking the Enchantments can be a truly magical experience, but it’s important to plan ahead and know how long the journey will take. It typically takes around two days to complete the full loop of this gorgeous alpine lake basin located in Washington State’s Cascade Mountains. The hike starts at Snow Lakes Trailhead and is 14 miles roundtrip with an elevation gain of 3,500 feet.

Most hikers take one day to ascend from Snow Lake up Aasgard Pass and camp near Colchuck or Leprechaun Lakes for an overnight stay before descending back down again on their second day. However, experienced backpackers may choose to complete the entire loop in one very long day—it is possible! No matter your skill level, it pays off to research specific routes before heading out as conditions change depending on the time of year, weather patterns, snow levels, etc., so make sure you are prepared for whatever you might encounter during your journey through these enchanting lands!

TIPS for Backpacking and Hiking THE ENCHANTMENTS | Washington State

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Enchantments Permit 2023

Enchantments Permits for the year 2023 are now available! This permit is required to access The Enchantment Lakes, located in Washington’s Cascade Mountains. With the permit, visitors can explore and camp in one of the most stunning alpine areas in the Pacific Northwest.

The permits are limited and will be given out on a first-come-first-serve basis so don’t wait – get your application in soon!

Enchantments Permit Zones

Enchantments Permit Zones are special areas set aside by the U.S. Forest Service in Washington state’s Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area that offer stunning views of rugged mountains, crystal clear lakes, and alpine meadows teeming with wildlife. These zones offer an opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful and pristine natural areas in the country while minimizing impacts on fragile ecosystems. Enchantments Permit Zones require a permit for overnight camping or day use; permits can be obtained through a lottery system or directly from the forest service office.

Best Time to Hike the Enchantments

The best time to hike the Enchantments is in late summer and early fall when temperatures are milder and the wildflowers are in bloom. July through September offers picturesque views of snow-capped peaks, alpine meadows filled with colorful flowers, and crystal clear lakes. However, if you want solitude while hiking The Enchantments, consider visiting outside of peak season (July-September).

The trails can become quite crowded during these months.


Overall, hiking the Enchantments is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that should not be missed. It offers breathtaking scenes of nature and pristine wilderness. However, before you start your journey, make sure to acquire the necessary permits and follow all regulations set in place by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

With proper planning and preparation, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for yourself as well as those around you.

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