About us

Christian Robert is the owner of Outer Ask, a blog dedicated to outdoor activity guides and experiences.

But why did Robert choose to start this blog? It all started when he planned a trip to Mount Everest. He found himself scouring the Internet for reliable information on the best gear to pack, the safest routes to take, and the like. But unfortunately, most of the information he found was outdated or completely inaccurate. And so, Outer Ask was born. 

Outer Ask is one of the internet’s most reliable sources for outdoor activity information. Each article is thoroughly researched and packed with actionable advice. Whether you’re interested in hiking, camping, climbing, or canoeing, Outer Ask has you covered.

One of the best things about Outer Ask is that Christian isn’t afraid to give his honest opinion. He’ll never recommend a product or service he doesn’t believe in, and he’s always happy to answer reader questions.

His experience as an outdoor enthusiast and his dedication to providing accurate information makes Outer Ask a must-read for anyone interested in spending time in the great outdoors.

Robert’s goal for this site is to ensure everyone has access to the best information possible for safe and enjoyable outdoor experiences.